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  1. The following code worked fine in Touch 1.1 and should work according to the 2.0 docs:'.myClassName');

    When I try this in 2pr1, a new CompositeElementLite is created (line 43721...
  2. I used the same JSON-file and model structure in Sencha 1.1 in which it worked fine. I cannot, however, get this to work in touch 2. After going through all documentation multiple times and running...
  3. A feature I loved in Sencha 1.1 was creating templates from HTML nodes:

    tpl: Ext.XTemplate.from('myTemplate', { method: function() });

    This does work when I, for example, have the following...
  4. We use a toolbar with spacers for our button bar which works out great, f.e.:

    { xtype: 'toolbar',
    ui: 'light',
    style: 'background: #444',
    defaults: {
    iconMask: true,
  5. Even better than I hoped and works like a charm; thanks!

    I reckon I should browse through the components for other new, convenient ones :-)
  6. I have a details page of an item consisting of:

    A toolbar for the item's title and a back button to the list of items
    A summary panel
    A toolbar with buttons allowing the user to open f.e....
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