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  1. Thank you for responding Simoen..

    Tried it.. Not helping.. Do you guys have a working sample of chart with Sencha 2??
  2. Sencha Touch - Sencha Touch 2 - Build date: 2012-06-04 15:34:28
    Sencha Chart - Version Number: 2.0.0b

    extend : 'Ext.Container',
    requires : [...
  3. Any solution guys????
  4. Hi,
    I get Ext.chart.theme.Base returns undefined..

    Thanks in advance
  5. I need to add items @ the beginning.. So i tried

    I can set the recently added item visible but none of the events work.. scroll / itemtap.. none of em work.....
  6. Ok.. will tryin removing and addin as n when I need them... Thank ya
  7. I am using TouchGridPanel(TGP) and Sencha charts.

    I wanna display TGP in portrait orientation and charts in Landscape orientation..

    I got this to work.. But it takes a while to render when i...
  8. Yes i tried device ready.. still no change..

    M a complete novice with ExtJs.. But thank you.. I will indeed try Ext.override :) n get back if i come up with something :)

  9. init: function(fn, scope) {
    var me = this,
    stretchSize = Math.max(window.innerHeight, window.innerWidth) * 2,
    body = Ext.getBody();

  10. I found a solution to this problem

    Look for the function
    init: function(fn, scope) {....} in sencha-touch-debug.js

    Comment the line no: 13944

    Worked for me :)

    M not sure why this was...
  11. Thank you Jean.. I will implement n see how it works out for me.. Thanks again :)
  12. Hi Steve,

    Thats what I have done.. given the absolute path... Still the rendering takes a whole 3+ seconds for me.. during which there is a blank white screen....

    I tried using a mask...
  13. Hi Bruno,
    I am facing the same issue when opening the app in iPhone.

    Been breaking my head for like a week.. :(

    Do lemme know if you have found a better solution to this problem..

    In the...
  14. I have deployed the application in mobile using phonegap..

    Initial screen loads in a jiffy.. however any link from there takes a solid 3+ secs to load.. These links have few javascript including...
  15. Thanks mate.. I got it working.. It was expecting exact physical path.. Relative path didn't work... :)
  16. I created a project following instructions from

    Deployed it using

    The build works perfectly on android mobiles.

    However it...
  17. Yes I am working behind a proxy.. Can I access service across domain when deploying as application on mobile??

    n Yes I am using an Android emulator....
  18. Thank you for the response :)

    Building apk for android using eclipse.. following instructions from

    I don't need any phonegap features.. just need to build...
  19. I am trying to build Sencha project using Phonegap build..

    I have used a, which calls a servlet that acts acts as a proxy to call a webservice.

    I am not able to call the service....
  20. I am trying to deploy my application using phone gap.. but i keep getting the error

    "The requested file not found....
  21. Adding and removing works just right.. :)

    When i try to add an removed item it does not show up.. :(

    I tried setting autoDestroy to true and false with not effect../:)

    What should I do??
  22. Hey all,

    M a newbie here...

    I have a which calls a proxy servlet (Running in ServerA ) which in-turn calls a webservice(Running in server B ) across domain.

    Everthing works...
  23. I got it working by calling a servlet which I am comfy with.. Works like a charm...

    Donna head or tail of PHP :(

    Thanks a bunch mate :)
  24. Replies
    Hey guys,
    I have been trying to add this grid to a canvas in a Carousel but m not able to..
    Pls share if anyone has got it there before..
    Any help would be appreciated..
  25. Thank you Jose.. Will try this out... :)
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