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    Bump. Interested in using the ManagedIFrame in our commercial project.

    This thread says there is a dual license, but the project page only mentions a...
  2. We were able to test with version 3.2, which produced the same javascript error with IE7 + Sharepoint.

    I think it would help to show the code we are using, derived from TreeCombo.js implementation...
  3. Yes, I think we can try version 3.2 and see what happens. We will let you know the results.
  4. In our (rjackson64840, above and I work together) case, this is Ext JS Library 3.0.3, against SharePoint Server 2007, using IE 7.0.5730.13.
  5. Using a Sharepoint webpart to point at another server hosting my Ext enabled website. FF has no issues... IE7 outside of sharepoint has no issues. IE7 and Sharepoint webpart (IFrame) produces...
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