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  1. how did you fix this?
  2. is this the same in Ext6 classic?

    following is not working

    getClass: function(v, metadata, r, rowIndex, colIndex, store) {
    metadata.attr =...
  3. Is there any way around to get the border on this theme?
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    any smatter way doing this in EXTJS4?
  5. did you ever find out?
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    I have a dataview and I have a listener onTap.

    dataview.up('navigationview').push({ html: '<img src="''/picture" width=350/><p...
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    can you share some of your codes, how you able to grab the token for the page to get the status etc?
  8. can anyone plz help.The Architect should overwrite the EmptyValue in packager.json file.Can you plz. give us a timeline when this can be addressed?
  9. Well my first apk was uploaded with the different keystore files with a different alias.
    Now when I re-do my keystore with -alias EmptyValue and compile through Architect. the following is the error...
  10. Did you put your apk to google Play?

    I still get the following error when someone try to download file from google play.
    "Package File not signed correctly."
  11. how do I do that so every time when I start a new project it should not create a new folder containing 16812 files.
  12. I had the debug version installed on the device which I uninstalled and then try to install from play. but having this error now.Anyone else?
  13. after changing this I able to compile the project and able to put on google play.

    But when I try to download on the device it errors out and says
    "Package File not signed correctly."
  14. Only happen when try to build a Release project.

    If we build a Debug project then there is no error.
  15. I am still struggling and yet to find any solution.

    There is no reply from Sencha officially or anyone here from the forum.
    Please update this if you find the solution.

  16. no one...Really?
  17. jarsigner: Certificate chain not found for: EmptyValue. EmptyValue must reference a valid KeyStore key entry containing a private key and corresponding public key certificate chain.

    Not sure why...
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    got it working.I was missing relevant sdk
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    [ERR] com.sencha.exceptions.ExProcess: stbuild exited with non-zero code : 7
    [ERR] at

    I guess this is...
  20. thank you so much A
  21. on my returned data I have
    "paging": {
    "previous": "", "next":...
  22. I think my read is not pointing to correct record?because this is not like regular json, and its wrapped inside the function call, how do I get to my record on my onJsonstoreLoad function?
  23. Thank you so much.
    That clear the concept.

    Another issue I have is now I can see the data coming from the url as well as I see the data in my store under Architect as well, but on my event...
  24. ok I have to change the bit of code and now I see in my network tab that the valid json data return.I also see that the data is loaded in my store under Architect as well.Now the problem is callback...
  25. Is this breaking because the return result from FB is not{ "data": { .....??
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