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  1. So there's no way you can do multi-grouping in a Grid with native Ext4 elements?

    I found this unofficial plugin, but I don't know if it's reliable:
  2. Thanks!
  3. Hi,

    I need to check if my Javascript Object has a particular Javascript attribute.

    Is there any Ext elegant function that can do it?

    Now I'm using ...

    if( typeof(myObject.myAttribute)...
  4. Yes, but I'm quite near the end of this project... Considering that this Sunday I would have "tagged" version 1.0.

    Anyway, now I'm trying to resolve this bug... I've isolated my <script> tags in...
  5. I'm using Aptana's CVS (like Eclipse's one), but I always thought there was a way to restore ALL the project files to a certain date... Do I have to replace every single files?!
  6. Hi,
    my application worked quite fine on IE since 1-2 days ago.

    Suddenly it has started to do really weird things on IE: the width\height of the components is renderer smaller than what it should...
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    I tried with:

    myArrayStore = new{
    storeId: 'locales',
    proxy: new{
    url: PHP_URL + '?path=' + LOCALES_PATH
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    Thanks a lot!

    But if I had an array like the one you showed me before:

    ["TextBox1", "SelectF1", "TextBox2L", "TextBo32L", "TextBox2L", "TextBox2L", "TextBox2L", "TextBox2L"]how do I load the...
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    Thanks a lot! That's working!

    What does the "root" function does, exactly? I understand that you recreate a sort of "well-formed" Json, but where does the return value go?

    Is there any...
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    Thanks for answering!

    Can you give me an example about what you mean?
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    Sorry for bad english; I'm gonna try to explain myself as best as I can.

    Is there a way to load this JSON:

    {"0":"TextBox1","1":"SelectF1","2":"TextBox2L", "3":"TextBo32L", "4":"TextBox2L",...
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    Has anobody had the same problem discussed in this thread?

    Any idea of what this could be?
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    Had the same problem, but I haven't found out why...
    I chose to incapsulate my components in HTML <div>s and then apply the resizer to the external div...

    resizer = new Ext.Resizable('myDiv',...
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    I'm really interested in this thing, too.
    Does anybody know how it can be done?
  15. Sorry for the "vignettes of code", I should try to paste more code, but it's spread among different *.js files, because it involves a load from a JSON and a layout rendering through lazy...
  16. var myPanel = Ext.getCmp('includablePanel');

    var comp = myPanel.add({
    xtype: 'box',
    autoEl: {cn: 'myContent: ' + formName}
  17. I've come into a mistake with my previous topic:

    With tons of alerts, I discovered what seems to be the real problem:
  18. Mh... Indeed I tried this:

    var myPanel = new Ext.Panel({
    title: 'hello',
  19. Sorry, that was just a trial.

    I've tried again with
    new Ext.dd.DragSource(formId);

    just right now. But it still doesn't work... I can't really figure out why.
  20. I already tried that out, but it didn't work.

    The code is:

    id: formId,
    border: false,
    html: '<div...
  21. EDIT: I closed this post because I found out that the problem was another one, so I opened another topic:

  22. First of all, I want you to know that I'm really thankful for your advices.

    But I don't know what an interceptor is, and I haven't found anything significant about what it is from some quick...
  23. But If I do so, haven't I got to "rewrite" all the Ext.get code, in order to make it work properly...?
  24. Ok, I got this part.

    But I can't get this one. Or better,... How can I override Ext.get?
    Have I got to re-write ??? ...
  25. I've got to dynamically create different "MyElements" of different types... I mean that I have MyClass1, MyClass2, MyClass3,... and the program will create maybe 3 objects for MyClass1 , 5 for...
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