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    I am also interested in doing something similar.
  2. I'll look into overrides. Is there any common solution that people are currently using with Sencha Architect?
  3. Thanks. Would it be possible to use this solution with Sencha Architect? We are trying to use this tool to build our app, but I'm still trying to get my hands around how / if it's possible to...
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    Any news on this topic? Architect 3 just came out a couple months ago, but I don't see support for the feature described in this thread yet?

    I'm currently investigating internationalization and...
  5. I am just starting off the early phases on building a project in ExtJS (and most likely Sencha Touch as well) MVC that will most likely contain 15+ different views, 15+ controllers, etc..
    I have...
  6. I am starting a project which I'll be using the ExJS MVC pattern on. It will probably be a fairly large project for which we'll be translating into 3 languages (maybe more at some point).

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