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  1. My app was approved!

    What I fixed was the image scaling problem and some minor design tweaks. Also, in the explanation for the reviewer I explained what the app was about and I explicity wrote...
  2. Just submitted a new version to the App Store. Fixed the image quality issues and polished some little design aspects.

    Will let you know how it goes this time.
  3. I also just got a Sencha Touch 2 app rejected because of:

    The first reason was my fault, low res images. But regarding the rest I am still really shocked, my app uses Sencha Touch tab...
  4. Thanks Warrean! It didn't work when running it from app.js's onReady, but it did work like a charm when running it right before the Ext.Msg.confim() method.
  5. When creating confirmation dialogs with Ext.Msg.confirm() they show up with a "fade in" effect, which looks bad in older Android devices.

    How can I disable this transition so that the confirmation...
  6. Thanks I'll go with setting the height of every row.
  7. @decadence: can you post your code for index.html?

    not sure how you made it work.
  8. I'm loading data from the web and population a list, and I'm running into this same bug, where the list elements seem to overlap each other every now and then.

    I tried setting variableHeights to...
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    How can we implement this only for Android? I believe that was the original question :)
  10. +1

    it would be great to have the Android packaging working on Linux.
  11. are there plans to make it work in linux?
  12. The getting started guide has the old command:
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