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    Thanks for your responses.
    I was installing all these different versions of chunky_png, and compass.
    In the end, I ended up launching compass compile with

    /var/lib/gems/1.9.1/bin/compass compile...
  2. Try to open Kitchen Sink demo page on your device and look how the textarea will work there. If textarea will produce the same bug on this official sencha demo, then you're probably in trouble :( If...
  3. patilsagar, take a look in this thread, maybe you will find solution there. I've posted the way how I fixed this issue in that thread.
  4. After hours of pulling the hair of the head, I have found the source of my problem.
    So, yes, I had applied fieldset to the form and have commented out that 3d translations and...
  5. This thread is almost a year-long, and still no answer from Sencha Developers.
    Here is an applause from struggling sencha users:

    I'm also having this bug.
    I can see this behavior of...
  6. Thanks, paul4468, I've tried your solution with adding form fields into the fieldset.
    The textarea and input fields aren't getting cloned anymore, but they're still jumping on my screen.
    At least,...
  7. Hello.
    Did anybody find new fixes?
    My problem is not only jumping textarea and input field when user is typing, but also that when you're accessing textarea or input field, it gets cloned on the...
  8. Hey, eryx, thanks for reply.
    I applied fix that I've found in some other discussions, it's similar to your's.

    if (

    function preventBehavior(e)
  9. I'm using sencha touch v.1.1.1 and also having problems with scrolling on Android devices.
    Is there any reason to mark bug as fixed under "Sencha Touch 1.x: Bugs" section if it's still not fixed?
  10. I was able to prevent Android browser from scrolling by running this code after page loads:

    if (
    window.scrollTo(0,1); // this removes address bar after page...
  11. I have an issue that happens on Android devices.
    So there is a page with form input fields and their labels.
    When I'm sliding screen down (moving finger from upper part of the screen to the bottom)...
  12. Hey. Did you fix this?
    I'm having problem with the address bar that slides down periodically on HTC Explorer and Samsung Galaxy Gio. This works as it should on iPhone.
  13. Jacky Nguyen, are you sure that this is a correct solution?
    I've pasted your code right after including the sencha lib, and it not only doesn't make the focus() functionality working, it also breaks...
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    Do you guys have any luck of making this work on the iPhone?
    I've tried to create textfields in different ways as you were showing here, but still focus() is working only when I test in Chrome.
  15. Sorry for possible duplicate, but I think this might help the topicstarter. I've posted the same reply in the similar topic.
    Here's the fix that worked in my case, that I've posted on stackoverflow
  16. I've posted the fix that worked in my case on stackoverflow
  17. Is there a fix for this bug? I have this on iPhone:

    The code for viewport is (it's a bit different in my app, I'm pasting the meaningful part regarding the issue):

  18. Thanks for the quick response.
    Tbh, I'm afraid I didn't really understand your approach. I can't see how it might help me here, if the code that performs App.views.viewport.add() is executed before...
  19. Hello.
    I'm creating a Sencha Touch application and trying to add items (to the panel of application) from external function.
    The app is defined in one file, here is it's basic initialization:

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