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  1. Here's a not yet complete but working example of what you asked:
  2. I apologize if that offended you. It wasn't meant like that, hence was a question with a bad word selection.

    It's possible, but in our case allot of the code is what the ExtDesigner generates...
  3. Of course you do :). Can moderators be as objective as independent users? :).

    Of course it matters :). 4.1 is still much slower for most scenarios than 3 (on corporate hardware - XP and IE8,...
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    That depends on your application architecture.
    Usually security must be implemented on the Server Side since the Browser can be tampered more easily.
  5. Nice.
    Any plans to integrate it with Sencha's PageAnalyzer?
    Or at least some of the reports/views from it?
  6. I tried to use that example, but is simply not rendering correctly for me :(. I'm using the xgray theme.
    I tried to add those missing styles to scss so that they are correctly compiled to each...
  7. Sencha SDK Tools are designed exactly for that:

    User contributed documentation is here:...
  8. We had similar problems, and fixed them by using Viewports and Fit Layouts everywhere for the containers, so that Ext can always calculate and resize things.
  9. Wow - very nice examples, thank you.

    Would be even better for newbies if they would also include the Sencha Architect project files :).
  10. See this example here:

    You can render a button or a link that is styled like a button in that dropdown too, using that...
  11. Dear Mitchell,
    as you can see from the snippet the user gave you, he is using "new" or "new Ext.form.ComboBox" :).
  12. You can use this example: with one column instead of two, and render a button or a link that is styled like a button in that...
  13. Very annoying bug indeed: affecting all version 3.4.0, 4.1 and 4.1.1 RC2 too.
    I hope Sencha fixes this, so that modal windows really behave like modal windows should and how users expect them.
  14. In this case your best bet is to use Ext JS 3.4.0 + ExtDesigner 1.1.x.
    It has allot of advantages:
    - most ExtJS books are still about ExtJS 3.x (or compatible)
    - Ext 3.x is still at least 2X...
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    We tried to do it, but it's a total PITA, so we abandoned using Maven for our Ext project, and we reverted to ANT since it was somewhat easier to circumvent the Ext distribution structure and tools....
  16. Bump!

    Seriously! Is nobody using ExtJS 4 in a production environment? One the requires a Test and a Continuous Integration Stage?

    I mean how difficult is to release a version that does not...
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    I don't think such a thing belongs in ExtJS in first place.

    If you need better precision or just bigger numbers, simply use one of the existing libraries for such purposes, e.g.
  18. When can we download a ZIP version of the SDK tools? (so one without installer)?
    I can't find one on your site.
    On several machines (e.g. for CI or test) we are not allowed to install things, but...
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