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  1. Ok, got it figured out and it's a bit of a head slapper.

    So I was playing with the Neptune theme and has the css in there this way so I could easily comment/uncomment the lines and it worked:

  2. Ok, so I tried a bunch of stuff, detailed below in the order I did it. The bottom line seems to be the 'plain' ui classes getting applied instead of the 'default' classes. If I copy a button's...
  3. Scott,

    I had that idea that the added items are crowding the bar, but if I make the browser wide enough to hold everything before I load the page, it does not help.

    I just tried using the...
  4. I have a paging toolbar in the bbar on a grid and everything is functioning correctly, but I am having a display issue.

    The first/prev/next/last buttons are only showing up with about 2px of...
  5. ssamayoa,

    That worked. I looked and saw that my previous grids had:

    field: {
    xtype: 'textfield'
  6. I have this one grid on which the RowEditing plugin does not seem to work correctly.

    What happens when you double click the row is the row highlights and the Update and Cancel buttons display as...
  7. Evant,

    Well that certainly explains it!

  8. The URI my paging toolbar is using is:


  9. The ComboBox store does not appear to be empty. When it does drop down, the list is populated as I expect it to be. And I am using an array like in the example. See my code for that below.

  10. I have a two comboboxes on this form which are set up the same way, but one does not drop down except in certain situations.

    The form is populated with a REST store. All fields are displaying the...
  11. (smack - hand hits forehead)

    To my great surprise that did fix it. Having a container width smaller than the field widths breaks the date pickers in the center column. How's that for a corner...
  12. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.1 rev 883
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 30
    FF 25 (firebug 1.12.4 installed)
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  13. Evan,

    Thanks for the cleanup. Below is the full new version of the code - I tweaked a couple more things.

    A couple of Q's to help me understand some things if you don't mind.
    Why use...
  14. I wanted to put a button next to a text field which held a URL and and clicking the button opened that URL in a new tab. Easy enough using a new hbox container in place of where I put the field.
  15. Hold on a sec. Adding the listeners to the defaults config of the individual containers is working now. I was testing it on Chrome and voila, it is working in Chrome and now FF. I do not know why it...
  16. I forgot to mention, I tried that as well. No joy.

    - Brad
  17. Farish,

    This is not working for me - the events are not getting fired. Below is the full code for my form. Note that I also added listeners to the "Processing Instructions" and those fire.

    Am I...
  18. Is there an efficient way to add the same listeners to all fields on a form?

    I want to refactor my code so I do not have the same duplicate code on every form field:

  19. Got the isDirty() problem fixed. See my previously linked thread for full data but here is the short answer. Add trackResetOnLoad: true, to your form definition. And then you can safely un-comment...
  20. ettavolt,

    That worked to fix the record clearing and the isDirty() is now reset.

    One problem though, any fields that you manually set get cleared if you do it wrong.

    I have an item in the...
  21. I just added a record count feature like "Record 34 of 421"

    Add this where you want it to the dockedItems of the form:

    , {
    xtype: "textfield",
    id: "sourceFieldCount",
  22. This is a form linked with a REST data source with full CRUD functionality and first/prev/next/last navigation.

    It also has a datagrid linked in a parent/child relationship that also has full...
  23. I am loading a record into a form like so:

    currentSourcerecord = sourceStore.getAt(cursor);

    But now sourceForm.isDirty() = true even...
  24. That did it, Thanks!

    To be clear for posterity, here is what I changed:

    text: 'List Type',
    flex: 1,
    sortable: true,
  25. I have a grid with row editing, taken directly from the RESTFul Store with GridPanel sample and modified for my data model.

    I made one of the fields a ComboBox and hooked it to a new Store that...
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