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  1. Indeed it seems to be fixed, thanks !
  2. I had the same kind of issue (, and as stated clearing Chrome cache fixed it. I guess an old version of the css...
  3. Hi,

    Here is a little test case I've been struggling with. It simply is a Window containing a form panel and a bottom docked tool bar.

    On Chrome 19, the fields don't resize with additional issue...
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    Woops, simply missed them,

    Sorry about that.
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    Please could you add support for other button types ? Like separator, push ('<-', '->'),

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    Maybe it is because you did not set the autoLoad property of your store to "true".
  7. For the records, I asked a more or less similar question some times ago in this thread which also a reference to this thread. It mainly boils down to what is beeing said here.
  8. Fine, I'll stick with it then. Thanks alot !
  9. Dear all,

    For a project I need to have part of the UI (ie admin section) not shown for non admin user. I also need to have readable only grid fields using a non privileged account while they must...
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    I really don't know. I've never looked at Ext.Direct (maybe should I...)
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    I second that, this is the path I've also taken :

    Forget about Code igniter : it is way too hackish, cannot be called objet oriented and I often found myself struggling with it.

    Kohana version...
  12. Hi Condor,

    Sorry for the late reply, this is indeed working well with a custom renderer in the writer !

    Thanks alot.
  13. Hi Condor, thanks for the reply.

    The display in the comboboxes is now fine using mapping, but I still don't get how to update the data.

    Once the new related data is validated in the form, it is...
  14. No one ?
  15. Hi,

    trackResetOnLoad should do it
  16. Dear all,

    I'd like to display and edit employee records and all related data coming from a relationnal database. These records can be deeply nested (summarized for brievety, there are much more...
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    Same here and I definitly agree : only used days should be taken into account. ExtJS is not a priority for us and I only get to spend time on this a few hours a week.

    Thanks alot !
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