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  1. I try your sugested fix and works, but you can select all the obj on the screen too. I use this:

    .ext-webkit input {

    So you change the css property on inputs...
  2. You have to set the swf path, the default path do not longer work.Ext.chart.Chart.CHART_URL = '../../resources/charts.swf';
  3. yeah, I noticed watching the examples.

  4. Scott:

    yes the examples works ok, it's extrange. In our app charts just all charts stop working without change anything.

    I found this post and i thought that was a generic problem with flash
  5. Chart still not working!!! anyone has found any solution for this?
  6. anyone?
  7. Any official solution?
  8. Any solution for this?


  9. I have the same issue, set the value on config and when field is created value = ''
    Did you find out where is the problem?
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