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  1. Is textarea going to be supported in Ext4 for this plugin? It worked alright on 3.x.

  2. So default behavior for a select field on an android device is to show approx 3 items of data. In chrome, the browser displays 10-20 as a modal overlay.

    which CSS rules do i need to change to...
  3. I am hoping one you genius's out there can help me out.

    im just trying to autoLoad a webpage into a tabpanel

    my stripped down example below.

  4. I did check the response in the chrome inspector network window. the json looked acceptable. again, this json works in extjs - sencha touch has an issue.

    i tried this as well
    $return =...
  5. Found a solution:

    dont use the submit() function!!

    the following are two methods of POST'ing data to a server.

    the first uses submit and fails, the second uses ajax and passes
  6. Disregard last response,

    when changing to an array

    echo "[ {\"success\": true,\"message\": \"hello\"}]";

    The success block is skipped and the failure block is called.
    The array is...
  7. Thanks for the quick response,

    the json array did not work either - same error message.

    its so odd, this works when using the extjs libraries
  8. Tried hundreds of combinations that work in extjs, but dont work on sencha touch

    just want to decode a json response from my php server

    dockedItems: [
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