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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm using Sencha Cmd v4.0.1.45 and Ext 4.2.2. In an app generated using
    sencha generate app, I've got problems with the include order when building the app using
    sencha app build....
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    Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to MunichJS this week.

    The next Sencha Munich meetup will definitely be announced here in the forum. You might also want to follow @SenchaMUC on Twitter.

  3. Yes, we've got a mixture of Ext 3 and Ext 4 classes. We are continually migrating to Ext 4, so the number of Ext 3 classes will eventually approach 0 ;).

    What we want to achieve is a custom build...
  4. Is it possible to use Sencha Cmd with a sandboxed build of Ext JS (e.g. ext-all-sandbox-dev.js)? I'm using Sencha Cmd

    I think a config option like jsduck's
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    Attention ;). The final date is now

    Wednesday, Feb 15, 2012, 18:30

    at the office of Refined Labs (Residenzstr. 7, 80333 München). We'll start at the office and grab some beers in the city...
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    Tobi, i'm sorry, thursday won't work @refinedlabs, as there'll be a company event that evening.
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    Hi folks,

    we think it's time for another Sencha meetup in Munich. Any thoughts on dates (in February)?

    My employer (Refined Labs) will sponsor the location again (Residenzstraße 7, 80333...
  8. Ok, I was able to figure out this was due to a conflict of Ext3/Ext4 auto-generated ids (

  9. I think tobi is right, ieTable should only be called in IE... Just set a breakpoint in Chrome in the first line of ieTable:

    tempTableEl.innerHTML = [s, h, e].join('');
    In my case (onLayout of a...
  10. Currently not, but would that help? We could easily migrate the dialog so that it conforms to MVC... But I think loadRecord() doesn't do more than just setValues with, so is there any...
  11. I have a form containig two fieldsets with
    checkboxToggle:true and want to force that at least one of the two fieldsets is checked.

    Will I need to specify a validation rule on one of the...
  12. I like this, +1, or should I say I'm circled?
  13. I'll be there, but probably a little late, we'll see.
  14. You can also "pull up" jkelley's proposed solution and solve this overriding Ext.util.Floating. You just need to check whether the parent DOM element is the document body as proposed by jkelley. This...
  15. Thanks for your answers! Of course, in the current implementation, the loading order is crucial (as always with JavaScript ;)).

    As we use the sandboxing version (we use Ext3 and 4 on one page),...
  16. I would like to override Ext.util.Floating, which is mixed into Ext.container.AbstractContainer.


    Ext.override(Ext.util.Floating, { getConstrainVector : function() { ... } });

  17. Yes, definitely going to be there, though I'm a bit sick at the moment. I hoped to prepare something to show you, but this may have to wait until next time. I'm still looking forward to seeing you...
  18. Hi annette, thank you very much! ;) The solution in saved me a lot of time.
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    The audio tag seems to be a big problem for Google. Also see

    Some suggest to use a Video tag in exchange (it actually has the...
  20. Working now... The magic of a fresh day ~o). Found my bug in a different place...

    But thank you for outlining what "store.load()" does!
  21. Thank you all!

    Really strange, I tried that in the office yesterday, but my param didn't make it to the request. Evant's example works perfectly, so I must have a bug somewhere else. Will check...
  22. Hey stevil, thank you for the answer, but I would consider that a workaround: I just want the params to be passed _one_ time, and extraParams are permanent. So I would need to remove the extraParams...
  23. In Ext JS 3, I often wrote code like this:

    params: {
    myCustomParam1: 'foo',
    myCustomParam1: 42,
  24. I think "How to structure my application" is just the right question to start with Ext JS 4 development. It will certainly guide you through all those new docs ;). Definitely an interesting topic.
  25. I really enjoyed the meetup! I hope I will have time to prepare some content and code for the next time!
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