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  1. just reload your store

  2. you have an extra " at the end of your json
    are you using firebug to check the json response ?
  3. i had to duplicate LiveSearchGridPanel.js to LiveSearchGridPanelNoCombos.js and comment the part of the comboboxes there and the name of the ext.define to the new one, is there a better way to do it...
  4. consulta.asp?_dc=1343947326343&codigo=3&page=1&start=0&limit=25&sort=ROWID&dir=ASC
    the ones you'll need are page, start, limit
  5. Hi, im looking for a way to hide the Regular Expresion and Case sensitive combo boxes from a Live search grid panel, been searching on forums and didnt find anything, please give me a hint, thx
  6. Im also looking for this, thx
  7. thx scott, that helped me a lot to understand my problem.
    seems like IE has some problems referencing an item using the src, it works perfectly with FF

    var cmp ='#' + Ext.get(item).id...
  8. thx for sharing, i had a problem with internet explorer, seems like you cant get a reference to the image using the source, so i ended with this

    var cmp ='#' + Ext.get(item).id +...
  9. i been playing with the actioncolumn and icons and works great with ff but not with IE 8, the problem is that i want to only show the icons when the user mouseover a row, checking with firebug i...
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