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  1. Thanks for the reply.
    Btw, can you confirm that it's not possible yet to to build small Ext framework core subset for serving, an example, only Ext.Component class, as people tried here? In ExtJS 5...
  2. Hello, Sencha.
    Where can I download zipped Cmd 5.0 full docs?

    The short guides I saw at doesn't explain a precisely build process control.
    I just want to take my...
  3. Gary Schlosberg, thanks. I think that issue sounds more easy - get the following example from old ext-charts to work with new sencha-charts package:...
  4. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.0.1 rev 1255
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 36.0.1985.143 m
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  5. Please, close the thread.After some code cleanup and refactoring I tried to override ghost() method again:
    /** * @inheritdoc */ ghost: function(cls) { return this; },And it...
  6. ExtJS version is 5.0.1255.
  7. slemmon, I have very slow Internet now, and it's difficult to provide an example.After 7th September, I'll be back and try to write it. But where should I write fiddle what uses an ext-charts package...
  8. I used a new sencha-charts package, and noticed that Ext.draw.Container ghost panel appeared while dragging. Ext.draw.Component from old ext-charts shows all content while dragging. How can I switch...
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    Does the ExtJS 5.0.1 GA supports IE8 VML-engine for charts drawing?
    In beta, it was broken.

    When i moved to 5.0.1, it was still not working. Only IE9+ now.
    I used the ext-charts package.
    Do I...
  10. Fourth.
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    Is it available in public access?
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    I agree with Hanterdro. Why can't we import scalable vector graphics? It's just a xml with layers and paths.
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    Seems that it's not SSL issue, just that site requires imlpementation of websockets on client-side. I've found working example here:...
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    I've getting an error:

    [E] Ext.ux.WebSocket.constructor(): (No description provided)
    When connecting to
    Native nodejs connects well.

    Does it...
  15. I've read latest Release Notes for Sencha Cmd, seems similar bug is fixed:

    Package (1)
    SDKTOOLS-634 sencha package build runs theme capture / slice phase for non-theme packages causing...
  16. I have same issue when assigning new server id to record after edit.Server response is valid json like that:
    { "success": "true", "values": [{ "id": 123, "values": [2,3,4,5], ...
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    4th ext core, ext.js in the extjs 4.2.1 bundle is still broken, so i need to use ext-debug.js in order to get core functionality. I can minify ext-debug by himself, but it means no CDN.The code which...
  18. Yes. But there is no difference. In the case described above I've got a build-time message:
    [INF] Slicing complete - generated 241 images
    When adding a manifest in \sass\example\custom.js and...
  19. I think it's better to move that report to Cmd sub-forum
  20. Cmd version tested:

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.2 rev 1144
    Browser versions tested against:
  21. Seems that IE Slicer doesn't generate images properly.
    I tried to add in {appFolder}/sass/example/custom.js:

    xtype: 'widget.panel',
    ui :...
  22. Seems that helps, thanks. Our senior developer says he followed all those steps, but with a bit more little changes.
  23. Slemmon, help me understand the 2nd way, please.
  24. * $ui-label - you're right, we're using 4.2.1 and latest 4.2.2 docs.

    > What do you have as your appFolder for this application? By default it would be 'app'.
    entry point js included in html:...
  25. > What if you change $ui-label: 'myprettyui-framed' to $ui: 'myprettyui-framed' ?

    Why? An example here:!/guide/theming used $ui-label.
    Ok, I changed it, runs...
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