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  1. Have others been able to use "rootVisible: false" to hide the root node? The root node is still visible for me but it's now laid out without any indentation for the child nodes - root and child...
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    is this something that could possibly be integrated as a feature in let's say a toolbar or anything else that could utilize this same behavior?

    I guess for now we have to use this as a standalone...
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    Is it possible to have the localized strings as maps or something and have the ExtJS code refer to it indirectly depending on the locale?

    Looks like most of these efforts change the strings...
  4. In addition to the portlet panel being draggable while maximized, there is another problem I ran into.

    If you collapse the portlet and click on the maximize it, you get a collapse panel still....
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    It's probably one of those things that wasn't documented. According to the Panel documentation for the tools property:

    tools : Array
    An array of tool button configs to be added to the header...
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    I have two trees next to each other and you can drag and drop a node from one tree to the other. Now, my root node is set to be draggable.

    Let's say I move root1 (from tree1) to tree2. Tree1 now...
  7. I currently have a border layout page with two vertical panes made of Content Panels.
    The left side is a navigation tree and each node is associated with a url/href.

    When clicked I'm trying to...
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