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    [FIXED] I'm using ST 2.0.0 GPL BTW

    I'm using ST 2.0.0 GPL BTW
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    [FIXED] sencha app build copies .svn files

    This is more of an inconvenience than a bug, but when you run sencha app build production (for example) and you have your entire project managed by source control (subversion in this case) the .svn...
  3. [OPEN] Sencha Touch 2 SDK Tools "generate app" confusion

    I've noticed there are a few people on the forum saying they can't get the sencha generate app command working after following the instructions to install Sencha Touch 2 SDK Tools.

    Once this has...
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    writer always prepends with records []

    Is there any way of getting your writer in an ajax proxy to stop sending json messages wrapped in {records:[]} ?

    all I want is
    { myfield:'blah' }


    {records:[{ myfield:'blah' }]}
  5. Cross domain AjaxProxy always sending as OPTIONS instead of GET

    I've decided to take a different approach with my application and to use the "Access Control Allow Origin: * " header on my rest service as opposed to using JSONP, therefore allowing me to make POST...
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    CORS and Sencha Touch

    For those that aren't aware, CORS is a w3c spec for passing header information to say it's safe for a page/service to be used from a different domain. It's basically a better (and officially...
  7. that was a link to your localhost

    that was a link to your localhost
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    ScriptTagProxy and sending POST data

    I have a remote service which accepts a json object and returns a json object using a POST request and I'm having a really difficult time trying to make a simple request to work with my Store.
  9. Thanks for that. One question though.. How do...

    Thanks for that.

    One question though.. How do I POST a json object to my rest service? No matter what I do, the data sent to my service is always sent using GET and I can't find any examples on...
  10. Correct way to send JSON request object using Store

    I'm just wondering if there is any correct approach for sending a JSON data object (POST) within a Store?

    Should I be creating a Model for this? populate the model and then use something like ...
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    I managed to get these to work myself.. Had...

    I managed to get these to work myself.. Had similar problems. Even now using the latest version of Safari on Mac.

    If you're doing this on another OS then this process will be different, but...
  12. Thread: Custom Field

    by darrellj

    Custom Field

    I'm building my first sencha touch application and I'm looking into creating a custom field.

    What I am trying to do I guess is similar to a select field, however instead of the drop down select...
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