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  1. Touch 2.2.1 Sql Proxy not working for auto fields?

    Can anyone confirm whether the new sql proxy is working for auto fields? I have searched the forum, but could not find any references so I'm hoping I am wrong!

    What I see....

    When using the...
  2. Thanks, have it now...

    Thanks for the response Mitchell...
    Spent another day on it and made good progress. I'll just add a comment if anyone comes across the same issue in future...
    The part which tripped me up was...
  3. Where to remove records from store during server proxy load

    I am working on a couchDB proxy which has some behaviour like a client proxy, and some like a server proxy. I am creating a new proxy inheriting from but I am struggling with a...
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    I have it working now.... It seems like you...

    I have it working now....

    It seems like you have to install Cmd with user privileges rather than as root to get things working. I went back and changed what I had to in order to allow...
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    I installed Cmd at...

    I installed Cmd at /home/nbester/bin/Sencha/Cmd/... but there is no /repo/ folder here. Only the farious versions of Cmd.

    I have uninstalled it and tried to install it as normal user, but it...
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    Contents of repo folder?

    I'm also strugling with this...

    It seems as if the /repo/ folder was not created as part of the Cmd 3.1 installation (Linux 64 bit) and now the build scripts are looking for it. I have tried...
  7. But not for CouchDB..

    Thanks for the reference Venkatesh. My problem is that I am using a CouchApp with CouchDB and apparently CouchDB does not support CORS settings. :-( (on my hosting provider which runs...
  8. References?

    Since this should be quite a regular thing to do, could you point me to some resources which can talk me through it?

    As I understand the CORS settings, the server hosting the initial domain needs...
  9. Sencha native build vs PhoneGap behaviour on CORS


    I am experiencing some issues with Cross Origin Resource Sharing when packaging my app with the sencha native builder.

    When deploying the app as both a web app and "deployed" as a PhoneGap...
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    Packaging error in Windows XP


    I'm a bit at my wit's end trying to figure out an error when packaging a native Android app and looking for ideas on where to look for a solution.

    Building my ST2.1 app with...
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    Put expecting a document response


    Yip, further debugging traced me to the code in Connection.js in the ParseStatus method you quoted above, and in my senario it does test to success. Great so far...

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    Proxy exception on 201 status response


    I am using a Rest proxy ( to write to my server. Everything works fine, but the proxy fires an exception rather than a success when my server returns a "201:Created"...
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    Classpath includes all files in build

    Hi all

    I hope this thread is still alive...

    I have fixed this problem as suggested by moving my paths from the loader config to the app.classpath config. One side effect that I have seen is...
  14. [OPEN] Getter and Setter of BubbleEvents not working

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.1.0B3
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 21.0 (Linux)

    getBubbleEvents() and setBubbleEvents() not working on selectfield
    Steps to...
  15. My workaround


    I made a comment here on a workaround that works for me. It could be highly specific to what I am doing but it takes my problems away for now..

    I overloaded the "doDataRefresh" function...
  16. [FIXED] Resolved similar/same issue in store.doDataRefresh()

    I have been seeing this same behavior while moving my codebase to ST2.1b3. When I reload a Ajax proxy with exactly the same records as the first time, it treats them all as new AND removed. Doing a...
  17. Will track with original problem

    OK, will do so. There just has been no activity on that tread for about 4 months, so I assumed (hoped really) that it has been fixed and just got lost. Checking it now I see it was never...
  18. ST2.1 - Store Load() then Sync() deletes records

    I am upgrading my app to ST2.1 from and I am having trouble with strange behaviour when loading a server store. I have run the same app against the two SDK versions to highlight the...
  19. [OPEN] Touch JSON Date encode ingores override

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch (Fails)
    Sencha Touch 2.0.1RC (Passes)

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 21 (Ubuntu Linux)
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    Working, but guess it will come back...

    Thanks, this gets me over the bump. Does not sound very permanent though. Will still need to get something more permanent going forward.
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    Now its there,, but not working yet

    Thanks Mitch.

    I checked and I did not have a .senchasdk file in my applicantion's root. I created one by hackinging the enviornmental variable, but still did not work. What should this file's...
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    Problems with SDKTools on Linux

    Hi, I have upgraded to the latest Touch 2.0.1 (Final) and SDK Tools 2.0.0 Beta 3 but I am experiencing some problems.

    When I am not in a project root and run the "sencha" command I get the...
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    Also not getting the amail

    Hi, I am also not getting the email. I tried a few times without success. Looked in the spam filter and checked the other usual suspects for not receiving email, but nothing.

    Please do not tell...
  24. Might just be a documentation issue

    I can call the setter without exception


    works fine
  25. SegmentedButton missing ui getter and setter


    I have come across what I am assuming is a bug..

    The Ext.SegmentedButton has a UI config item, but does not have a getter and setter for it in the same way Ext.Button has.

    I am looking...
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