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    Stefan, Try to setStyleName(styleClass) e.g...

    Try to setStyleName(styleClass) e.g
    ProgressBar pb;

    then in your project.css file found in the war folder:
    .myProgressBar {
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    How to use ModelData with GXT3

    I had posted a similar question which appears to be getting ignored.
    I am looking for two things at this point.

    The ability to dynamically create fields/properties within the bean and then apply...
  3. Questions about ListStores and Grid Columns specifically how do configure dynamicall

    When using Sencha Grids I find I have to create a fixed model SGrid class and SGridProperties interface such that
    I have to N columns up to as many as I add to my List of ColumnConfig
    as well...
  4. Data - Does it have to contain 9 data values per object and a String ??

    Does it matter when rendering Charts if the Data class was changed to allow any number of data values
    the standard file contains 9 Double values. Are there any limitations on what can be...
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