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  1. This does work in Sencha Touch 2. When a field that a convert() function depends on is updated, the convert() function is called.

    I found a workaround based on this blog post:

  2. I have the following model:

    (function() {

    var fourDecimals = function(value, record) {
    return parseFloat(value.toFixed(4));

    Ext.define('App.model.Stock', {
  3. I would like to create a scatter chart and use crosshairs, like this:

    Is it possible to move the y axis over to the right?
  4. Actually, I don't think this completely solved the problem. Now I get

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'apply' of undefined

    because of the added call, this.callParent(arguments).

  5. Apparently this.callParent(arguments) needs to be called inside (at the end of) launch(). This solved my problem. Now both launch() and initComponent() are only called once, each.
  6. For some reason, my Ext.application launch() method is being called twice. Additionally, some controls (such as windows constrained inside a panel to emulate an MDI) are being rendered twice.

  7. When I update a store associated with a Sencha Touch list (Ext.dataview.List), the list UI automatically updates (as in MVVM).

    I'm creating a mobile app which has a ton of data coming in via a...
  8. I'm creating a web application with desktop and mobile versions using ExtJS and Sencha Touch.
    ExtJS 4 and Sencha Touch 2 use an MVC approach, and Sencha Touch 2 incorporates "profiles" for different...
  9. Found the problem...

    I was trying to reuse a model across ExtJS and Sencha Touch applications. Sencha Touch expects "fields" to be defined inside "config," whereas ExtJS does not.


  10. When I attempt to find a record in an ArrayStore using Sencha Touch 2, no records are returned.

    store.findExact('Symbol', 'GOOG')

    returns -1.

    As shown in the screenshot below,
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    Okay, so they would be panels with docked, restyled titlebars.
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    Is there a way to create panels with title in a Sencha Touch application, like those pictured below?

  13. I'd like to use the Portal layout in my app.

    When I use "xtype: 'portalpanel'" for one of my panels, I get "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'substring' of undefined." I believe this happens...
  14. I think enableKeyEvents should default to true. It's very confusing when you specify key press callbacks, and they do not fire. It is very non-intuitive that enableKeyEvents should have to explicitly...
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    Very cool, guys!
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    I've seen a tear-away tab plugin for ExtJS 3 where you can re-dock tabs to other tab panels or undock them into their own windows. It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty darn good.
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    Very cool man! Definitely a good start.
  18. I am developing a simple JavaScript-based plugin architecture which allows for any JavaScript control from any framework (jQueryUI, ExtJS, etc). to be plugged into and reused on any web page. My...
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    I mean the ability to dock windows in a user-defined configuration, as shown in the screenshot, as in Visual Studio, and Eclipse.

    The arrows are helpful but just one way of dealing with this this....
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    Does any sort of dockable layout functionality exist in ExtJS? Something like described here. Even something third-party or in plugin form is fine.

  21. This is not a "job" that you are to work free for; it is an opportunity to join a team and be a part of something.

    We all work separate 8 - 5 jobs, just like everyone else. It is what it is.

  22. Greetings!

    My name is Chad Johnson, and I am the lead developer heading development of the web IDE software at

    We are looking for another developer to join our online-based...
  23. I am using ExtJS to build a window containing several panels as items. One of these panels contains a button.

    I want to attach a handler to my button such that when I click the button, I can hide...
  24. [I meant to post this in the Help forum...apologies. Feel free to delete this thread.]
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    I posted this like 3 hours ago, and it's not show. What's up? Why is there moderation in this forum now? It's going to make people leave the forum...

    Hi! I have the following keymap:

    new ...
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