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  1. Hi,
    I downloaded the sencha SDK 2 for windows and tried running all ...
    sencha create app / sencha generate app / sencha app create ..
    none gives any results. Looked around in forum but did not...
  2. Well... i will recommend you to refer the stuff using xtype rather than to id .. so you ref in the controller can be

    refs: { login: { xtype: 'login', ...
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    Gee thanx, will surely look onto the same!! :) GREAT to have u on the forum!!
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    Is there a possibility to have a feature like this where say we have a plain list or nested list and on click of 1 of the element, it opens up with the nesting in same page instead of another...
  5. Hi Essex,


    i have attached the code.. it is working absolutely fine.. there is a possibility of u not getting the list working at all for json for a reason .. u might be not loading the...
  6. Well i belive you need to control the same effect with series of events where on tap, u fade it out and when mouse moves on the top of the panel or the user again taps the pannel, it shows back or so...
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    Hi Cyberwombat,

    Recently, i too was mingling around the code for one of the post where he wanted a list and docked icons. There, i too noticed that if i added list without specifying the width /...
  8. Hi essex,

    It seems you need to restructure your nested list of array / json.
    the structure that may be possible for your solution will be like the following

    [ [ { "items" : {
    "text" :...
  9. Hi cyberwombat,

    Maybe the code below will help you on the same as how i managed to handle the creation / deletion of the views. This did help me and may help u too

  10. Hi there,

    May be this should throw some light to you.
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    Code below should help you ..
    The code is purely from the example of sencha touch 2 .. of showing icons. Added your scrollable list to the same.

  12. May be he following link will help you on the same
  13. Well as what i see in your code, storebutton is a classname and not any element / component

    ... this.control({ 'storebutton': { click : this.storeButtonClick ...
  14. To my knowledge, there is nothing wrong in the way u define the same but then the concern is how you refer to the same.
    In a controller when u set the view .. instead of
    views : [
  15. This should throw some light as how to use the ComponentQuery

    var cnt = btn.up('container[fullscreen=true]'),
    two = cnt.down('container[which=two]');

    The doc has better explaination and...
  16. By default, don't sencha library manage the pinch zoom by any means of configuration.
    Is there any possibility of some code / sample / link where we can refer to the same?
  17. Hi there,

    I am looking for enabling pinch zoom feature for HTML content that i am going to display. Is there a possibility for the same? If so, how can i work around the same as i didnt find much...
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    You can try using sessionStorage.setItem("Key", "SomeValue");

    and retrieve the same using sessionStorage.getItem("Key");

    Atleast i used it 4 storing string / numeric values. .. checkout if this...
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    Well what i may suggest in this case is that u connect the android phone with the pc .. and connect it with adp and do a adp logcat to see all the logs that may be down there in the console.. or a...
  20. You can probably use
    controller = this.getController('NameOfController')
    and make a call to the method of the controller with whatever parameters that needs 2 be passed along with the same.!!
  21. Thanks Mitchell .. for the quick update. I really appreciate and admire your reply .. but just in that case wanted to understand that if in case we don't use the refs for retrieving the forms, then...
  22. Hi Mitchell..

    I agree with your solution but just a noob question .. as how should one re-create instance of the form and add it..
    should it be Ext.create('Form') and add that to the viewport? or...
  23. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for the update. I followed the process / procedure of adding false with the remove function that will remove the element but will not destroy it from memory. It works well but...
  24. Hi there,

    I got a lot of knowabouts from the forum about handling elements without ID and stuff.. I am not an expert.. just refered to 1 of a sample sencha touch 2 mvc app and there i found a...
  25. Hi there,

    i was just refering to a pattern of sencha touch 2 implementation example.
    Here i noticed that the user have had described the existence...
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