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  1. WEBSERVER install on my local machine
  2. Tried Chrome (15) and Firefox (8)

    Many grid don't appear. And so are forms only show an outline.

    Got this error

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of undefined
  3. This been bugging me for months ....

    OK the code are too long to post here. But explain what it is as best as I could.

    I have a grid with dynamic column (the first 50 columns are fix - then...
  4. I had the same problem as well.

    Thanks for this info.

    But another one creep up - tab navigation died.

    error I got
  5. Please do forward your PayPal account when you fix this, beers on me thanks.
  6. If anyone get that two working together. Please let me know along with your paypal account. I will buy you a beer.

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    OK guys I hope you are listening - EXTJS 4 is buggy as hell ... I couldn't get the client to pay for the license. (ext 3 - I got several clients paid the premium support license without a second...
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    cool thanks. Will take a look at that.
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    Just wonder anyone (even try) to do a split screen. Have you seen those in excel that you can fix a column then everything on the right will slide under that if you slide the content.
  10. This been bugging me for a long long long time - it didn't happen in Extjs 3.

    Basically its a dynamic generated grid.

    The heading will expand base on the number of stores available for an order...
  11. Hi Anyone try to use Grouping Summary and Summary together?

    The problem basically is - let say I have A, B,C group each have 3 children - each one of the children has a total of 10.

    So for...
  12. OK found the reasons.

    In 4.02 if you do group grid heading
    you could do it like this

    var columns = [
    {text: 'heading A',
    columns: [
    {header: 'A' , dataIndex: 'a'}
  13. Anyone got the same problem?

    I have grouping heading grid. 4.02 works fine they all line up.

    Upgrade to 4.07 - they all got push a few pixel to the right and the end column don't even have a...
  14. HI

    Thanks for this great plug in :)

    Only one little problem I have. The height of the button is about 2 pixel higher than my grid cell and it push everything upward a little bit. And when the...
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    Here is a sample of the config

    var txt = {xtype: 'textfield' , allowBlank: true , selectOnTab: true};

    grid ...

    column ...
  16. they don't work for me. I tried but none work.
  17. After a lot of user testing and I found a major bug in my approach. My thinking was right but I hit a limitation from the lib.

    Go back a bit - when I try to catch the event - I hit the same...
  18. Hi All,

    not sure if anyone comes across this strange behavior. I am using 4.02a

    There are bunch of combos in a grid. They are all empty on loaded. But the data load depends on other parameters....
  19. I saw your other post about firing an event.

    Good luck with that. I abandon that idea very early on due to the time delay (no idea why).

    One thing you could use which is from the same until...
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    rewrite the whole thing ...

    I have app build in 2.x and 3.x

    now they all going up the 4.x

    the time I spend on trying to figure out how to do compatibite layer. Might as well do a rewrite.
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    Then don't use it. I am here to look for informative and useful information.

    IF you found a bug. Report to the bug report forum. Thank you.
  22. this is what I mean about "understand" Ext ;)

    A. those guys don't have all the time in the world to give you a FREE service.

    B. You have to start reading he source code. It really makes a good...
  23. Experience don't come with time. They come with - doing stuff.

    I already give you a head start. This is about 90% more than I have when I started out to try to figure out how to get this done.
  24. A. You have to stop thinking the way you have been - stop thinking in a linear way. This is very important when you try to deal with javascript - especially the Ext way. Understand how those object...
  25. well, I did count how much coffee I drank to get a feature done ... that's how I bill my client ;)

    anyway, the beauty (lot of people say otherwise because the old methods are all gone ...) of this...
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