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  1. Hi, folks,

    I have a grouping store and group view, and I display the # of Items in each group at the group header as the standard example shows in:...
  2. Hi, I was able to add a short msg right beside the "refresh" button on the paging toolbar.
    This is my solution

    In the paging toolbar config I use:

  3. wow, hope you won't be catched by the flying piggy ;)
    My secret therapy is boiling jinger with brown sugar..~o)
  4. Thank you for your reply, aw1zard2.

    Did you find a solution?
    I tried to override those css but still nothing changed.
  5. anyone has any suggestion please? :s
  6. Hi, folks

    I found a similar problem in the combo box in EXT 3.0. Not sure if this has been solved.
    That if I use a static store for the combo. After selecting a value from the dropdown option...
  7. Thanks for the hint.

    I see the css class from firebug is:
    class="x-btn x-btn-noicon x-btn-focus"

    How should I override it?
    I defined the following, but nothing happened.
  8. Hi,

    I don't know if anyone noticed this. When in the last field of a FormPanel and hit Tab. The focus will default to move to the buttons on the bottom of the form. In Chrome, it doesn't appear to...
  9. I found an issue related to RowSelectionModel too.

    I have a grid that has one column editable. Previously (before using Ext3.0.1) when I'm using Ext 2.X or Ext 3.0, I'm always able to enter value...
  10. It's not working under IE 8.
    You have to do explicit type conversion:

    rowEl = new Ext.Element(rowEl);

    to let it work
  11. Good. It works, but only when in the initial field config, I set qtip to blank


    If I set it to an initial string value, then after calling your function it still shows my initial qtip...
  12. This is great.

    I use it to fix the editing stop problem in EXT 3.0 when I add a new row to the bottom of the grid and call grid.startEditing() on one cell. If there're many rows in the grid and...
  13. Hi, Condor,

    I changed it for EXT 3.0, because this.imageEl seems to be null, see if this is correct.

    Ext.override(Ext.form.Checkbox, {
    getTipTarget: function(){
    var target = [this.el];...
  14. I'm not sure about which css is applied that disable the selection.

    I am using the row selection model and I use Inspect function in the Firebug, see the class for a cell's inner text is using the...
  15. Hi, any one knows how to change the css to accomplish this?

    I tried to change the unselectable="on" and set it to "off" in the GridView.js

    initTemplates: function(){
  16. Hi,

    I am trying to use the css style: "white-space:pre" inside my renderer, working under FF but not under IE 7. I googled and didn't find any post or Microsoft website to say this css is not...
  17. Hi, Saki,

    Can you please let me know what regular expression I should use
    if I want to use '|' as the separator.

    I want my return value looks like 'A|B|C|...' so it can be easily used on my...
  18. Well I think probably I can make my extended checkBoxSelectionModel to be flexible and work for both cases, using some little complex condition to differ each.
  19. Thanks Condor.

    Recreate the gridpanel works, I did it in the window's "beforeshow" handler, but really inconvenient.
    I see there's grid.reconfig() method to dynamically change the columnmodel and...
  20. Hi,

    I want to switch between 2 checkBoxSelection models in a grid panel inside an Ext Window, depending on my data value.

    I config my grid using:

    sm: new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel()
  21. Hi, folks

    I have a combo field in my form and I add a listener to the combo's "select" event. Inside the "select" event handler, I fire "blur" event and let the focus goes to another text field in...
  22. Replies
    This is good for the problem asked in this thread, but it has a problem.
    If I want a field with integer type, and I set "allowDecimals: false", then it always force to display at least 3 digit...
  23. I did see it has some effect. By changing the tabIndex, I can TAB twice to reach the "save" button. So I realize the IE always force the focus back to the grid itself. So I come up w/ a walkaround,...
  24. I am doing this now, but the focus still bounce back to the grid row under editing

    gridView.focusEl.dom.tabIndex = 1000;//the system default is -1
    saveButton.el.dom.tabIndex = 999;//I set to 0,...
  25. Thanks Animal, you're very fast.

    I tried to set a tabIndex value to the focusEl:

    myGrid.on("render", function(){
    var gridView = myGrid.getView();
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