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  1. This is fix my problem. Could you pls. test it.

    if ( && Ext.os.version.getMinor() >= 2) {
    (function() {
    var inputEl = null;
    var onKeyboardShow = function() {...
  2. You are using query selector as a ref, but problem reproduces with a ref by id. Try this:
  3. I've got controller with refs by id.

    Ext.define('MyController', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
    refs: {
    view: "#MyView"
    control: {
  4. The next code crashes browser on ST 2.3.1

    Ext.Date.clearTime(new Date(NaN))
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    Ext version tested:

    Ext 2.2.1

    Copy/paste do not work with input and textarea
    Steps to reproduce the problem:
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    I'm not sure that your test case is the same as I've showed.
    In my example the store duplicate records. Does this the same bug?
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    1) Add new record to the Store

    var model = Ext.define("User", { extend: "",
    config: {
    identifier: 'uuid',
  8. Look this

    How to reproduce:
    Scroll list to end. When it has bounced tap the delete button. You will get the error in...
  9. You must tap 2 times.
    If you tap on button at first, messagebox will render toolbar as docked top.
    After the second tap, toolbar's class change and remove x-dock-item and x-docked-bottom,but...
  10. Version: ST 2.1.1
    If the calls 2 times, at the second one toolbar change layouting from
    docked: top to default.
  11. Yes, I know it. But I don't want to animate item when it is destroying. I want just destoy it without setting active enother item, which will be also destroyed.
  12. When the item was added to the container (layout card) with animation, it is not possible to destroy it without error:

    Items are removed from DOM, but...
  13. If you want to get store by its id you should use StoreManager'testingstore')

    If you want to get component's store you must use component's id

  14. You may subscribe on swipe event and check in function-listener distance or duration

    onSwipe: function(e) {
    if (e.distance > 200) {
    //My code
  15. update- and apply- methods is automatically generated and will call, if you call set- method.

    You may add this code to extended class from List.
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    You meant in List?
    Yes, you can

    config: {
    onItemDisclosure: function() {alert(Yes)}
  17. List hasn't such functionality. You could add it.

    updateOnItemDisclosure: function(newConfig, oldConfig) {
    if (oldConfig == null) {
    var items = this.listItems;
  18. The scroll's indicator size will be bigger than scroll's container size, if list items do not fill all space of container (2-3 items for example). You could see that in documentation's example...
  19. Ok. Thank for advice!
  20. How to reproduce:
    1. Load store with 40 items
    2. Scroll to position 20
    3. Reload store with 10 items

    The problem that list has offset of displayed items (topItemIndex). When the store is...
  21. It does really help! Thanks!
  22. I think this is a bit confusing behavior of firing events.

    For example, I've got next case:

    I want to do something after tap on the already selected item. I can't do this on 'itemtap' event,...
  23. It's not fixed on ST2.1 (Build date: 2012-11-05 22:31:29)

    The temporary solution:

    onElementTouchMove: function(e) {
    if ( {
    var x =...
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    destroy: function () {
    var store = this.getStore();

    if (store && store.getAutoDestroy()) {
  25. Hi.
    Is there any explaining of how the properties in config ordered when using extends?
    For example I've extended from Fieldset

    Ext.define('Ext.MyFieldSet', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.FieldSet',...
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