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    These are nice themes, so now have to wait for 2.3 to get to final release, will wait for this.

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    iOS 7 is out in a few days, using ST 2.2.1 and do not see an option to make the UI look like a native iOS 7 app. When is it likely the ST team will be putting something out related to this, will it...
  3. I have an app I have deployed to the iOS and Android stores. Now I am taking the same thing and building a version that also works on the desktop in Chrome/Safari. For this I used the code in this...
  4. Wanted to find out when this would be released for Touch, need to use a scheduled and was looking at your site, and need to build for ExtJS and ST to support multiple devices.

  5. Ok now I understand why I cannot see it. Is it possible to upgrade my Sencha Touch support subscription to Sencha complete?

  6. The charts are not bundled in 2.1 which I downloaded from the web site, I had bought them in 1.1 to try out. Are charts going to be sold separately in 2.1? Have been waiting to integrate charts into...
  7. Please ignore this one, got it working when I just deleted everything and did it from scratch.
  8. My app worked fine in the following configuration last week:

    * Phonegap 2.0, and xcode 4.5 in iOS simulator (but not able to deploy to devices now with iOS 6 - used to work earlier)

    To deploy...
  9. Yes, and for me also it is not happening in all places, just in some, anyway I know I have to dig into this and figure out why in a specific navigation view it is happening, will figure this out and...
  10. This is using version 2.0.3
  11. Found that within the iPad browser it works properly, only in the iPad simulator there is an issue, interesting :-)
  12. iPad version of Kitchen Sink loads with phone UI instead of Pad UI - same with other examples.


    "Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 6_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/536.26 (KHTML, like Gecko)...
  13. I see a weird case in a single place in my app for the navigation bar title (other places in the app are fine) and see this happening in iOS 5 and iOS 6. Before I figure out a simple test case and...
  14. original code in dataview\DataView.js line 925

    destroy: function() {
    var store = this.getStore();
    if (store.getAutoDestroy()) {
  15. I moved to using phonegap 2.0 for iOS and Android, took a day to move over and you get all the flexibility and so far have not run into any issues. That would be the way to get around this issue.
  16. Was able to build and test on PhoneGap 2.0 on both iOS and Android and so far most things work. The detailed testing has to be done but the process seems to work, and is a good option till the Sencha...
  17. Android build even once you build has deployment issues as the sencha build tool does not let you control deployment xml config options, and does not support tablets, does not let you configure...
  18. Am close to needing to publishing a new app, and existing app is just waiting for this for a fix/update. Any dates on when this is ... 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, ... or more ... there must be a...
  19. Did file a support issue on this one and it looks like this will be addressed in 2.0.2 when it comes out.
  20. Due to forcing the requirements listed above, an app cannot be published to Google Play to support tablets, defeats the purpose of Sencha :-( The Galaxy Tab 2 does not work due to this constraint in...
  21. The device requirements which are used to filter android apps in the play store should be exposed in packager.json for developers to tweak/change and should not be fixed/forced by the stbuild tool.
  22. Sencha native app does not work on android tablets, and with this build iOS tablets are also not working due to the screen rotation issue. Fixing localstorage and making it work on devices including...
  23. Wanted to ensure you have confirmed this as a regression defect and the test case I have sent works.

  24. The issues with the localstorage fix build for iOS and Android.

    1. iOS - device rotation does not work
    2. Android - tablet support does not work (likely due to telephony requirement)

    These are...
  25. Just wanted to check if you were able to test this out and reproduce the defect.

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