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  2. [FNR] Box label of checkbox moves every time the checkbox becomes visible

    [GXT 2.2.1, FF3.6 & IE8, Linux & Windows, DevMode]


    It seems that every time a checkbox is made visible its box label moves by a few pixels to the right (see attached image).

  3. I am afraid not, I decided not to use RowEditor.

    I am afraid not, I decided not to use RowEditor.
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    [CLOSED] Bug in DateWrapper.addMonths


    DateWrapper.addMonths(-1) returns a date in the same month if the date in month is not present in the previous month.

    For example new DateWrapper(29-March-2010).addMonths(-1) returns...
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    [2.0.1] ConcurrentModiificationException in Record.reject()

    I came across the same issue in Record:
    public void reject(boolean silent) {
    if (modified != null) {
    for (String p :...
  6. [OPEN] What's wrong is the following (was already...

    What's wrong is the following (was already inlined in the code above):

    Clicking the trigger once or twice does not open the combo box list. The third click does. (let me be explicit: I consider...
  7. [OPEN] [CLOSED] [2.0.1] Problem with ComboBox in nested Dialog


    I came across a strange behaviour of ComboBox when used in a nested dialog:

    Dialog d = new Dialog();
  8. [FNR] [2.0 M2] RowEditor does not resize with the grid

    How to reproduce:
    * Put a grid in a window with FitLayout
    * Click on a row to start the RowEditor
    * Resize the window
    * The RowEditor's width does not change
  9. What ORM framework do you use in combination with GXT?

    For a project I need to choose a an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) framework and I am wondering what are other people using in combination with GXT. Is for example GXT+Hibernate a good idea?
  10. [1.2.2] Adding a model rejected by the filter to a filtered store


    I found what I believe is a bug in the ListStore code. Suppose the store is filtered and you add a model to the store that the filter rejects.

    protected void insert(List<M> items, int...
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    I have the same problem on FF 3.0.7/Ubuntu...

    I have the same problem on FF 3.0.7/Ubuntu 8.10/GXT 1.2.3 and not on FF 3.0.7/Ubuntu 8.10/GXT 1.2.2
  12. It seems this issue was already reported in ...

    It seems this issue was already reported in

    When can the next patch release be expected?
  13. [FIXED] [1.2] Splitting bars of border layout bleed through a (modal) dialog


    I noticed that if you have a window/dialog over a splitting bars in a border layout the mouse pointer changes and you can move the split bars even though the window/dialog is over it. This...
  14. [FIXED] Center Component in BorderLayout: is it really required?


    It seems that since version 1.1 it is mandatory to have a center component defined in a BorderLayout. Can you please explain why this is necessary as it seems to me that this is an...
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