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  1. Hello xunxin,

    Well, it's very strange... I currently have it working without any problems.

    I've overridden Ext.form.field.Base, Ext.form.FieldContainer and Ext.form.HtmlEditor with some...
  2. Hello there,

    Which version of Ext 4.1 are you using ? The allowBlank property was added recently to the labelableRenderProps in Ext 4.1 nightlies. So its possible that you are using a version...
  3. Hello,

    Since 2012-03-26 nightly, Ext.form.Labelable.labelableRenderProps contains allowBlank, and it's working OK.

    I guess this can be marked as fixed
  4. I think this can be marked as closed... The [suspend|resume]Layouts calls were merged in since the 2012-03-14 nightly...

    Thanks again
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    Set a width for each textfield, that fixes it.

    Hope it helps
  6. Well...

    I tried the chrome dev channel (19.0.1061.1) with the extjs 4.1 2012-03-11 nightly build and the problem with the toolbar buttons randomly disappearing is still present... it seems to...
  7. Would it be possible to add allowBlank to the default labelableRenderProps ?

    Right now I'm overriding it to have allowBlank available on the afterLabelTextTpl, where I'm using it in a template...
  8. Hello,

    I've been using a custom override for ComponentLoader that is basically the same component renderer but with the corresponding suspendLayouts() & resumeLayouts(true)...

    In my case, there...
  9. heheh, well, then maybe it's a chrome bug hehe, and maybe got resolved in the latest 19 builds...

    I will try to find time and test with the 18 builds during the weekend and see if I can reproduce...
  10. The thing is, IMHO, that the problems with the toolbar buttons & grid column widths, were in ExtJS 4.1 not in Chrome/Chromium...

    On ExtJS 4.0.7, using the same browsers, chrome 18/19, there was...
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    Hello there,

    Having forceSelection: true & multiSelect: false on a combo, when there is more than one record with the same display field value, the assertValue function always re-select the first...
  12. Hello,

    I've been using the nightly builds and I can say that, at least for me, the issue with Chrome 18/19, was resolved on the latests builds of Feb. I don't know which build was beta3 based...
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    Thanks again for the info Mitchell,

    Just wondering... by looking at the branch name (that looks more like a tag)....

    So, this means that we'll have to get thru all this problem again for...
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    Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for your response,

    Well, maybe it's just a permissions thing now...

    After Ed's post this week, I started monitoring the:
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    Any news on this ?

    Thanks again
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    Hello there,

    Happy Holidays for all!

    I'm just wondering, now that 4.1 Beta is out... are we able to finally access the code repository ? so we can test the latest fixes for the bugs that were...
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    Hello Mitchell,

    Thanks for your response. I'm really glad to finally hear that!. Hopefully the beta comes out soon enough....

    And yes, no problem with it being bleeding edge code, etc. Fully...
  18. Hi all,

    On a border layout, when a panel is defined initially collapsed (and collapseMode is not set to header), it raises "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'hidden' of undefined" when...
  19. Hi all,

    Using an accordion layout with just one child panel, when I click the [ - ] button on the title of the panel, I get a "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'expand' of null" on...
  20. Yup, that was it!,

    I should have copy/pasted an Ext.define('...', {}); and changed the define to override.... because the one that were working and all in 3.4 and 4.0 are without quotes....
  21. Hello Don,

    Thanks again for your response,

    That helped!

    Using the following code worked perfectly and I'm able to test the app running in 4.1 (I've changed all my overrides to this form)

  22. Hello Don, thanks for your response,

    Yup, in my tests, the override doesn't seems to be called, so that's the part I'm not liking (as I'm guessing more changes where done to that behavior, but...
  23. Yep, I know that workaround should not be needed, but I'm doing those overrides so I can test the 4.1.

    I've used a few overrides for fixing problems that I got in 3.x, then in 4.0 and for sure,...
  24. Hi all,

    Well, after testing some cases, I'm really not liking this new behavior in Ext.override('...', {...});, maybe I'm still missing something,

    For example, in 4.1, I have a few overrides...
  25. Hello Don,

    Thanks for your response.

    As skirtle do, I mostly use overrides to patch bugs, so, in those cases I'd like the overridden method not to be called.

    I've a few overrides in 4.0...
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