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  1. Changing the <title></title> on the index.html worked for me.
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    I had the same error when I bought a new mac and had to set everything up from scratch.

    Basically I had installed only the JRE and not the JDK and I didn't realise it at the time. Check if...
  3. Hi,
    You posted on my blog to find a possible solution (ie TechTalkTone). Please add in your code that you are using for the Line Chart and for the Stores/Models/Controllers relevant.

  4. I've further shortlisted this to the amazing and very weird fact, that this is only happening on Retina devices.

    So my Xtemplate works perfectly on the iPhone and iPad. But gets the black...
  5. Still having the same error. I can't find any problems with the page rendering.

    Can you try the code I sent across ? Add in some random data with the same data-names. Because, this issue hasn't...
  6. As soon as the Xtemplate becomes a little more complex, I lose all formatting, and instead I have a Black Background that fills the entire Template area.

    Not sure what the issue is. Here's my...
  7. I know of 2 other ST devs in Mumbai. Besides the two already on this thread. Chances are the Mumbai group should startup successfully :)

    **votes** Mumbai, India for me
  8. SQLite works Brilliantly with ST and ST2.

    Just forget about the Sencha part, and make a normal Javascript call to the SQLite Db and proceed from there.
  9. Hi,

    So I have a panel with the following items :

    items :
    xtype : 'panel',
    layout : {
  10. Listen for the "itemsingletap" event instead of the "itemtap" event in the list.

    Eg code :

    var languagelist = new Ext.List(
    title : 'My List',
    ui :...
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    Thanks. I forsee a very difficult future :D As of now I'm taking the sliderfield.getValue() to get the number its at. Im guessing now i'll have to translate that into another language. Ouch....
  12. Hi,

    Hahahaha…. I finally found it !! I created a workaround to filter the nested list :)

    Ok lets assume the default documentation data :

    var data = { name: 'Don Griffin', title:...
  13. Hullo :)

    This works for me :

    Ext.getCmp('navigationPanelId')._navigationBar.titleComponent.setTitle("My New Title");

    Give it a shot and let me know :)
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    Hi All,

    I'm trying to make an app that works in several countries and hence needs to run in several languages.

    For the sake of this question assume the app has to run in English (the original...
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    Bump !!!

    Has anyone found a solution to this ??
  16. Not working in 2.0.1 either. The workaround with z-index doesn't seem to be working for me at all. Any other solutions ??
  17. Hi ..It works for me .. Thanks a lot
  18. **BUMP**

    Still having the problem with the final (released) version of ST2. Any solutions ??
  19. Hi,

    So still not sure what was causing the error. However, I noticed, that during the switch between panels (using animation), the displayField would update with the correct selected values.
  20. I set breakpoints. Doesn't seem to be helping.

    What do you mean by can't find the record ? The change event registers the "newValue" properly.
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    Love it !!
    Just what I needed :)

  22. Hi,

    So this is a problem in both the iPhone & iPad. When I click on a selectfield, the picker shows up. I change the selection, but the displayField doesn't update. It remains selected to the...
  23. I'm really getting quite desperate with this one… Can anyone help ?
  24. Help please !!

    I have multiple selectfields on the form. There's no problem with them on the iPad or Computer browser. But if I click on one in the iPhone (the screen darkens as though its...
  25. So I figured it out !! Finally (to be said in an Eddie Murphy voice)

    I wasn't aware of this since the documentation didn't say anything about it (**hint hint) but there's a huge difference in...
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