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  1. Hello ! I have used your code in fiddle and it looks good! I use ExtJS 4.2.0 and my favorite browser is Chrome.But in Firefox , opera i have such result
  2. Hello !

    I have following code. It is a part of code . you can think it is ok. But in browser i see something choking things. How can i fix it? thanks for your answers and sorry my english51107

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    you must write in the panel definition

    afterrender : function(){
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    Hello ! I have encountered with your problem and it seems to me it might be resolved by using


    but sometimes, yeah sometimes this method doesnt work!

    sorry my...
  5. As I said earlier, I could not change font of menuitem. But know it is simplicity itself.


    .x-menu-item-text{ font-size: 35px !important;
    color: green !important;
    font-style: italic...
  6. Hello Friends!

    There is problem with menuitem. It seemed to me that I can change font of menuitem very simply. But ...

    Here is css code

    .menuitems {
  7. it will be more better if you used following method (this method will work if you follow MVC pattern):

    1)You should create some css file (example.css), and there you should define your css rule
  8. in my case I did it :


    1) container = your accordion panel
    2)by query i have got needed item on accordion
    3)by expand() i...
  9. Hello !
    I think I founded the error. Try this code(it will work normally )+screenshot:

    var accordion = Ext.create('Ext.Panel', {
    title: 'Accordion',
  10. I beg your pardon for my english. If you dont understand something, You may write me
  11. It seems to me I find resolution. I added in initComponent() of Accordion panel something like this:

    me.items=[{title:'Hello' , hidden:true}]

    now all is ok. But are there normal methods to...
  12. It is code which defines accordion ant its addClient() method:
    I must say I have been working on very big application. And important parts of application here

  13. multi is false
  14. Hello Friends, I guess You understand what I want to know. Here screenshot :42939

    Any ideas?

    Thanks !!!
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    Thank you very much!
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    Hello Friends!

    I have been trying to understand Sencha cmd for 2 days, but I have got problems. When I typed something like this :
    sencha creat jsb -a http://localhost/work3/index.html -p...
  17. I have solved the problem. Just I copied new ExtJs on my localhsot.
  18. Hello Friends! I guess You will understand what i want to tell from heading. Here is screenshot :42248
    Thank for any answer!
  19. Yes, but this method returns zero.
  20. Hello people!

    I have a little apps with code here:
    But i fail to see what matter is.
    Why my grid does not show data?


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    Thanks I solved this problem
  22. Hi, people! Can you help me in follow problem. I want to create panel with some number of buttons where number of buttons is defined as number of rows in store:

  23. Hello ! 1 or 2 month ago I did some apps like it. If you find something usefull for you here, i will be glad.
    Here screenshot:

    42027and code

  24. Hello Friends !

    I have very small apps which works in following order. 1) When I select '?order=11' on combobox and 2) click on button 'HELLO', it is created new window(or tab ). And in new window...
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    Great! I have deemed that it is impossible. Thank you! Turk agalarimizga salem!
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