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  1. We just released our java based CMS OpenWGA as open source.
    The content management UI is based on Ext (currently version 1.1, but we plan to updated to Ext3 in the future).
    Vitis the online demo to...
  2. I used IE7 with doctype Transitional
  3. However it does not work in IE :-(

    display:table is unknown in IE and without this style the window/toolbar gets 100% with in IE.
  4. Thanks for this tip.
    But in this case the window gets a width of 100%.
    I need the window to get a with depending on the width of the toolbar - like in FF.

    The window in my case just IS a...
  5. When an Ext.Window does have a toolbar the window width gets >10000 when rendered.



    <h1>Test ...</h1>

  6. The problem using icon="..." is that the loading-icon will not show up.

  7. Thanks. So my way seems to be a simpler and better solution :-?.
    Hope it helps others with the same problem.
  8. ???
    I need a password field. But on displaying "please enter password" if it is empty.
    and NOT "***********" if it ist empty like a normal password-field does!

  9. I use Ext.form.TextField for passwords by setting inputType to "password".
    The problem is, that my emptyText message is displayed unreadable :-)

    I help myself by changing the inputType on the fly...
  10. Thxs. That solved my problem.
    To the general discussion about bug/no-bug:
    Testing for isLeaf() is not realy the bug. It-s OK. leaf==tue means that the node may never have children (like a document...
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    I migrate an ext 1.1 project to ext 2.0.
    I used a BorderLayout with more than one center panel. Panels where automaticaly stacked as TabPanels - however only when I use more than one panel!

  12. Same effect on this RC1 example
  13. In FF I can use the cursor keys to move the selected grid row up and down. However this does not work in Safari.
    Tested it in the grid3-demo on...
  14. ? We all use FireBug during the development and it works fine with this CMS application.
  15. I added a link to the demo here:
  16. We developed the tree control before there was a tree control in Ext (we started development with version 0.33). So: no, we don't use the ext tree.
    What I like in "our" tree is that the selected...
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    Sorry. I tried the service from to show the video. However this site says:
    "Your account has reached the bandwidth limit. Viewers will no longer be able to access any media in your...
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    The RTF editor is our one development.
    I would like to use the Ext-RTF-Editor one day as soon as it has more features (ext 2.0 ?).

    But we want the user to edit blocks and the editor must grow as...
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    We are getting closer to the final version of our blog frondend plugin using Ext 1.1.
    I made a screencast to show how it works.
    The lanuage is german but you will catch how it works even if you...
  20. I had the same problem and it took me some time to find out what happens.
    Even if you create two (or more) HttpProxy-s using "new HttpProxy" each of them use the same connection object ... and the...
  21. I can't understand this.
    I analysed and described this bug in detail in this post.
    To add this line of code should take one minute.

    The only reason I can think of why this bug has not been fixed...
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    I just installed Safari 3.02 (on a Mac) and our Ext-applications ( runs much faster than on FireFox. And it needs less memory.

  23. OK, no response since 14 days.
    I still have no idea wether the bug will be fixed or not in the final version.
    I made a very clear and easy to analyse statement together with a surgestion to correct...
  24. If for some reasons you need local defined functions contained in loaded HTML-Code to work (f. e. because the loaded code was written by someone else not knowing that his code would be used that way...
  25. I implemented a similar function but yours is much nicer!
    I would however prefere to cancel edit if the user presses ESC and to call "save" when the user presses ENTER.

    Updated: Anyway - here is...
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