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  1. Just tested this with the 4.1 Beta and the problem still persisted there.

    Guessing this fix was done after 4.1 Beta...
  2. Posted as a bug @
    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7

    Browser versions tested against:

    IE7, IE8, IE9
    FF 8.0.1 (firebug 1.8.4 installed)
  4. Hey Gurus!

    I want to have bar charts where the axis starts from 0. This works if I add more than one dataset into yField but not if I only use just one dataset.

    If I dont specify minimum: 0, I...
  5. I´m trying to do the above now and I´m not sure what the actual component is that should be added as "chart" in your case. I´ve tried with

    "container.add(radarChart)" but it seems radarChart is...
  6. Im on 4.0.7 yes.
    Thank you for putting me out of my misery... after hours of debugging.. :-)

    I will wait for 4.1.

    (P.S. Any news on when it will be stable and out?)
  7. Hey Gurus!

    I have a heap of grid panels which all work perfectly. They collapse and expand as they should when using button in upper right corner....
  8. Hehehe... Not so simple I see...

    I need this in order to show only part of the records of a store in a graph. I´ll just go with plan B and generate an optimized json for the graph...
  9. Hey!

    I have a store from a json file that i want copied. How is this done!?

    Some help is available for this but I am not able to do it with ExtJS 4.

    var newStore= new{
  10. Exactly, but only 3 are listed in the API page for grid panel...
  11. Dammit! Somehow I had assumed that the API page for grid.panel contained everything i needed for that particular component... I was wondering how Google knew so much more about grids than the API......
  12. A new small but annoying question arose relating to this... If anyone else gets stuck on this...

    In my CSS style trafficLightRed I, among other things, want to align the text in the middle. For...
  13. Thanks!
    Working now with the below code:

    function trafficLightRenderer(value, metaData){
    //alert('Value passed is: '+value);
    if (value <= 0){
    metaData.tdCls +=...
  14. Hi Gurus!

    My goal: I want to have a grid panel with lots of rows and columns. The cells will contain numbers and I want each and every cell to format according to its value. There are plenty of...
  15. Hi,

    Thanks for your help. I get it to render now but as I want the graph as an item within a Container I run into problems with renderTo. Now it overrides my whole layout as i havent created it...
  16. Hey gurus!

    When i draw a radar chart and my store takes inline data it works fine. When the store takes data from a json file the axis won´t render and i get this:

    This is the json file...
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    Figured it out and now it´s working as it should.

    If someone else ends up here with a similar problem this is my setup:
    1. Init global variables ie. historyChart, radarChart, table1
    2. Use these...
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    Thanks for you reply.

    I´m using renderTo because it sounds like the most logical command to use and many examples also use it...

    Could you give a hint towards how i add the chart to the...
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    Hey gurus!

    Noob with a question!

    Im having a problem with rendering as seen in attached image.


    I have a vieport, containing a border layout. When I click elements in the west layout...
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