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  1. I haven't upgrade to 2.3 B2 yet has I will be leaving this project (solo team) on friday and would not risk upgrade bugs.

    BTW The bug does not appear if the pie chart had a rotate interaction. The...
  2. Using Sencha Architect 2.0 and Sencha Touch 2.2.1
    Safari Latest version

    Let's call Serie._label.instances array has arrLabels.

    Let's say arrLabels has 5 elements in it.
    Now let's empty and...
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    I have the following in my app.scss

    @include icon('projects','9','IcoMoon');

    Which allows me to add to the IconCls of a tab the cls 'projects'.

    I'm not quite sure i understood the part...
  4. I did not like the fact that slice with a value of zero where having a legend since it was filling the screen with unused legend icons/tpl.

    So I tried to find and way and was unsuccesfull but...
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    Just Read about the SenchaCon 2013 and discovered the new stuff!

    SA3 seems to cover most of the problem I have with SA2 and it's fantastic.

    On the other, i want to confirm something...

  6. Needed to manually link my .js external resources for these to be linked in my build for IOS Simulator.
  7. It's not after being notified of anything.

    I always have been running the latest version of CMD, has there was no new version since I started working with sencha touch framework.

    I might have...
  8. Is someone looking into it?
  9. What am I suppose to do to fix that issue....
  10. Here is whart Architect keep generating over my index.html
    (latest architect - Sencha touch)


    <html manifest="" lang="en-US">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
  11. Im working with $base-color

    Before import : not working

    Right after import but before includes : not working

    After includes : not working...

    where is the magic spot?
  12. The config useComponent (Boolean) on dataview.list is defined in the documentation but does not exist in the source code nor in S.Architect.

    All we can find is a comment talking about it but no...
  13. Found it.

    I had put in my sencha model my value field to the type int... -_-'
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    Sencha Touch Premium

    but now that you ask me, it works.

    There is some kind of delay?
  15. Using chrome and IOS simulator ?

    Here is the code of one of those field

    xtype: 'textfield',
    flex: 1,
    centered: false,
  16. I also need that !
  17. I have a text field and a number field.

    Each of them has the same problem to me, and I guess it's just a config options which I don't know how to set.

    If I write

    2.2, after pressing enter I...
  18. Using Architect 2.2.2

    Sometimes my sencha commmand setup just disappear and I need to reconfigure it. Not much of a problem since it's easy to do.
    Everytime it happens, my app.json file is...
  19. Exactly!!! Okay, I jsut need to learn how to use this addon

    ThANKS ALOT!!!

    If you could show me code it would help me alot too :p
  20. Not quite sure to understand how it help me set the options list to something else...?

    I'm not trying to change the Title of a picker, but the list of choice in a picker.

    Not month but ...
  21. I have a datepicker field.

    I have been trying for the last 3 hours to translate the Month Column...

    I cannot find the set() or any way to access the array of month.

    Can someone help me out,...
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    Why can't access it ? I bougth the support package and I am a premium user...?
  23. How do I use a specific selector in architect?

    I actually selected my tabpanel clicked add Event binding, selected onActiveItemChange and Voila...

    It's kind of counter intuitive that it use a...
  24. *Compagny registered Account

    I have been trying to have your code working. It did not, and it's probably cause of Architect.

    When I add an Event binding on my selector for CHANGE. It do not...
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    Using : Sencha Touch 2.2.1 and Sencha Architect 2

    I have the following store :

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',

    requires: [
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