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    I changed the design so I could do without floating toolbars, so the answer is no.
  2. No, didn't realize it was out there. It's still in Beta, isn't it?

    We have a big app in the making and experience some issues with every Ext upgrade. We moved just yesterday from 4.1.1 to to...
  3. I try to remove a node from a tree

    node = tree.getRootNode().findChild("id", "myId", true);

    This produces an error in (the red line)
    The error occurs...
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    Can I ask why this thread is closed?
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    I'm on a tight deadline here. I assume Ext 5 isn't due for some time?
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    Yeah well, It's a dashboard with individual items on it which can contain other items. Not really a way around it design wise. I was relying on Ext handling the dragdrop in a logical way.
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    Problem with nested DropTarget

    I have panel A which contains two panels (B and C).

    All Panels (A, B and C) are configured to be droptargets for treenodes.

    I would expect that the drop...
  8. Thanks, this should get me going, I was looking at the dropzone example with the cars and trucks and it got me nowhere.
  9. How to drag treenode onto container

    I want to be able to drag a treenode on a container and then receive a drop event. The treenode is draggable within the tree and this works fine. I also managed...
  10. I want to be able to drag a treenode on a container and then receive a drop event. The treenode is draggable within the tree and this works fine. I also managed to be able to drag other components on...
  11. Same here, within trees everything works fine, for components I got it working (dropping one component onto another), but I want to drop a node on a component. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. What's Sencha's opinion on this issue? I strongly feel this should be filed as a bug and I would welcome a solution or an anouncement that it will be taken care of in a future release. Now I feel...
  13. Well, I tried, but couldn't really make sense of it. I saw a width of 22px on some elements of the slider, but when I tried to reduce the width it didn't help. The misalignment in the lenght I...
  14. I try to build a scrollbar with 6 buttons and a slider (3 before the slider and three after the slider). For this I use a container with a hbox layout for a horizontal toolbar and a vbox layout for a...
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    The toolbar itself does nothing different, but in this case it is essential that the toolbar does not take up space.

    In fact I got multiple objects on a canvas (think dashboard: tables and charts)...
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    I want a floating toolbar in a container. I succeed nicely, (I add the toolbar as item, set floating to true and use the alignTo function) but I have one problem. When the container is not visible...
  17. It happens often to me that I want to change something for an already existing component and I find out that it's a config option only. For instance:

    turn on and off user-resizability....
  18. As it happens, that doesn't do it for me, cause I want just one resize event in case of manual resize, not two. The way I did it now seems to work:

    I subscribe only to the resize event of the...
  19. When I make a component resizable, I can subscribe to the resize event of the resizer to receive only user-caused resizes. However, I need the automatic resizes too, so I subscribe to the resize...
  20. Sorry, the code missed its linebreaks, this one is better

    name: 'JSTest',

    launch: function () {
    Ext.create('Ext.container.Viewport', {
  21. In the code below, everytime you click the Add Item button in the left panel, all buttons are removed from the center panel and new buttons are added (one more than existed previously). They all get...
  22. I have a panel with VBox layout.

    I add 2 new panels to its items collection with id's 'child1' and 'child2', both with flex set to 150
    I remove both items (using autoDestroy true)

    I add 3...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0 rev 7
    Browser versions tested against:

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  24. Sorry for the delay, this code demonstrates it:

    <title>Testpage Ext</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../../ext/resources/css/ext-all.css" />
  25. Thanks, I stick with the iconCls solution.

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to implement the second solution in the ext base library?

    Btw, Microsoft mentioned IE6 and 7, but I experienced the bug...
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