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  1. Ios 6,7 and 8 mitchell

    No workaround?
  2. OK, let me try to explain with my bad english .

    0. add this to your index.html file :...
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    Sencha Con to have those many bugs fixed ?

    just asking :(
  4. Really ? And you can codesign it ?
  5. Really ? Two weeks and absolutly no answer ?
  6. Svenna, look at the iOs screenshot, it's not so blurry :
  7. Thanks Svenna.

    but look at my screenshots, looks like sencha cmd >3.0.x use a new view engine for android.

    I don't know why they did this, but my images are horribly blurry....
  8. Yep and still no answer on this bug in this thread from sencha team

    No ok, we know


    It's just you

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    I founded a workaround, put this file on the root folder.

    Thing is, with phonegap, my app is way much slower....
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    but why is sencha not reacting ?

    there are a lot of bugs for CMD, now.

    those bugs are not heavy users related. Just easy building is buggy, it should have been in beta mode more longer....
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    Workaround :

    Added Default-568h@2x.png ​ in the root folder
  12. thanks to brettAV, and a link, here is a workaround (but you'll need OSX).

    build your app as mentionned above

    go to osx and codesign :

    codesign -f -s "New Signing Authority" -i...
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    Tried your trick, but still have the error from app store :

    For the push notification, I leaved it empty in my json file....
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    When using the template app from sencha, you're unable to load it to appstore

    iPhone 5 Optimization Requirement - Your binary is not optimized for iPhone 5. As of May 1, all new iPhone apps and...

    Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:

    Sencha Cmd
    Operating System:

    Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_21-b11) (same error with java 1.6)
    Ruby 1.9.3...
  16. Just tried without the titltebar, still have those blurry images....

    I'll create a new thread today if I get no answer....
  17. uninstall your sdk tool, you don't need it anymore!!!!!
  18. Yep, thanks !

    But it's more those blurry images I'm worried about....

    My app is based on images and they now look like taken by the Hubble telescope
  19. quick tested on chrome and android stock browser. Images are clean and sharp resized.

    don't know where this ugly view come from....
  20. thing is, Sencha is answering premium accounts,as it seems....

    I'd like to buy one, but I can't, untill I sell at least 100 apps.

    However, how could I sell them with those bugs on android...
  21. Here what I ment regarding the apk generated from CMD.

    From 3.0.x you have a clean app :

    Look at the image (a svg...
  22. I need a with this issue fixed !

    Is it possible ?

    the latest sencha produces to buggy package for me !

    EDIT : tried again and again with, ended with the same error :

  23. Ok, I went from to

    As always I "sencha app package" my app from the package build.

    I end with a webview and a top bar with the name of my app. Why that ? What's going on?
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    I'll open a new ticket :

    Please delete this post
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    delete post
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