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  1. The above code still scrolls just the list part, toolbars are still docked and always stay visible. I want the whole page to scroll, so the top and bottom toolbars can be scrolled away. I have tried...
  2. Hi,

    I want to do a layout like this:

    Top: toolbar
    Middle: Panel with card layout
    Bottom: tabbar

    This looks fine. However, I want the top and bottom toolbars to be not docked. So,...
  3. You can create a popup and call it before the call:

    showLoadingPopup = function() {
    if (!this.loadingPopup) {
    this.loadingPopup= new Ext.Panel({
    floating: true,
  4. Replies
    I am contemplating building a webapp based on Sencha touch, and then wrapping it with PhoneGap (or something similar) in a native app. shell.

    If someone on this forum has done this, I would love...
  5. Thanks. I know what's wrong now.

    The events are reporting correct index/object if Ext.Store is used in the underlying structure for list. However, if data is directly used, it does not work.
  6. I am having the same problem.

    I have a list, that is populated using update. The list renders fine, but all the itemtap events returns index as '-1/'.

    Below are code snippets:

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