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  1. Sorry for the bad formatting, within in the initial post. I thought "CODE" tags would render inline, instead of breaking up the whole paragraphs. I edited the post and removed the formatting.
  2. Hello,

    I am working on an application, which is used for browsing directory structures on file servers.
    Over the years, this application has grown rather big, incorporating more an more...
  3. Hi anaconda4872,

    I am experiencing the same misbehaviour.
    Did you get it fixed?

  4. Replies
    Unfortunately this links seems to be outdated.
    It's a pity, I can't find a similar thread...

    Could you please sum up the solution?
  5. Hello there,

    I have a grid panel with three colums. I would like to set the width of these columns to 50%, 25% and 25%.
    I have run a lot of searches, which turned out that all columns width must...
  6. Hello there,

    I am currently starting developing an ExtJS window with a form panel, which shall display various type of gui elements.
    The exact amount and types of gui elements is variable - I...
  7. Many thanks!

    Sorry, for that I didn't recognize the string delimiters to remove.
    I was quite irritated, since providing the widths the way 'xxx px' in fact was working - at least for the page's...
  8. Dear Scott,

    attached you'll find a small HTML file called "showLocationData.html" and "grid.js" which encorporates the grid panel functionality, where I have one static record with custom data...
  9. Thanks, but that's not the solution to my problem.

    Meanwhile I figured out that this narrowing seems to be triggered by each DOM refresh.
    It happens not only upon Datastore reload, but also when...
  10. Yes, each column has set its own width.

    Here is my coding (it's not so much...):

    Ext.define('Location', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [
    { name:...
  11. Hello,

    I have set up a Grid Panel with an Ajax store, which I want to automatically reload, to display newly arrived data.
    I do this by I use a regularily called Refresh-Funtion which calls

  12. Thanks for your reply.
    To be exactly, for Ext JS 2.
    I thought 2 and 3 are pretty similar in syntax, so I also posted this in Ext 3, hoping for more reading people.

    I mean the header with the...
  13. I have also posted this question in Ext2 forum. I am in urgent need of some help, please excuse my crossposting . Thanks!

    I have a GridPanel which should load a maximum number of resources. If ...
  14. I have a GridPanel which should load a maximum number of resources. If there are more resources available, than I want to show, I want to enable the panel's header/title to show some texte like "more...
  15. Hello,

    I am new to ExtJS, so this is my first post in this forum.

    My question is the following:
    I have a panel which I want to stretch over the full available height, until the end of the...
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