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    How can i implement the Controler and View with GXT 31.4..
    Is there an example that i can follow?

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    I'm trying to migrate my project from GXT3.1.4. In the old GXT , i used to do something like this:

    public class A extends com.sencha.gxt.legacy.client.mvc.View{

    public A(final...
  3. How can I use the curent SuggestBox to show icons in front of suggestoins?(GXT version is 2.2.4)
    Something like:
  4. Hi,
    I'm using GXT2.2.4 and am facing the following problem.

    I have ContentPanel1(RowLayout()) , ContentPanel2(FlowLayout()), ContentPanel3(FlowLayout())

    In one of the methods I add...
  5. Hi,
    Yes, It is possible to use the GXT3.0 jars only for charts and let the remaining application be using GXT2.xx
    Both the jars can co-exists.

  6. Thank you for the response.

  7. Hi,
    I'm using IE8 and the Pie chart is not getting rendered properly here and the onSeriesSelection() also dose not work.
    It works very well for Firefox and Chrome.

    Attached is the image for...
  8. Hi,
    Thanks for your response. I took at look at the example in the link, but my problem is as follows:
    Eg: Label displayed on the pie slice is say, person's Age, but on click I want to capture the...
  9. Hi,
    I having a Pie Chart displayed and its ValueProvider looks like this,

    public interface DataPropertyAccess extends PropertyAccess<Data> {
    ValueProvider<Data, Double> data1();

  10. Thanks a lot for your response.
    I tried to follow the url and got things working. So basically got GXT3.0 and jars working together in the same application.
    The problem I'm facing is when...
  11. Hi,<br>I'm pretty new to GWT / GXT and I'm trying to use GXT3.0 Pie Chart.<br> I recently learnt that jars can coexist with GXT3.0 jars.<br>Since my project is using GXT2.xxxx, I'm trying to...
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