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  1. As someone else who worked on this project I have to say that using Ext.js allowed us to create a very easy to use and very powerful user experience to quite a complex concept.
    The range and quality...
  2. thanks,

    have managed to get it to work using your code. Probably not that efficient as I am having to do it on every column to get a row effect but at least have it working
  3. thank you, that may well point me in the right direction.
    I can't seem to find an equivalent for a row rather than a column.
    It would be good if there was a way to affect the entire row based on...
  4. I have a VERY dynamic grid that is basically controlled from the data store.
    The data already does formatting of the cell contents using embedded <bodyStyle> but there is also a requirement to...
  5. I have tried that but it seems to be all or nothing.
    I want to keep the defaults for the other sides.
    I had assumed that it would follow the normal padding rules
    e.g. insetPadding:"10 10 0 10" but...
  6. I think I must be misunderstanding you.
    I have the following

    itemTpl: "{logo}{Date}{spaces}{Title}{spaces}{img}{EAtts}{ECimg}{ECons}{Mimg}{EMatches}<tpl if='1 == 0' > <img height='30'...
  7. I am trying to put a number of charts into a limited space.
    Apart from the bug reported elsewhere about height not being properly respected the main problem I seem to have is the space automatically...
  8. Thank you. It was not quite right for my needs but did give me what I needed to make mine work.
  9. I have a grid with an action column with a number of icons.
    Each has its own handler but I want to use a common getClass function to determine which to show based on other items in the record.
  10. I am trying to do a simple 4 box layout (i.e. have a screen divided into 4 panels which will each have different content.
    If I use fixed height/width for each hbox/vbox then it works fine however if...
  11. Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    title: 'Time Card',
    width: 300,
    bodyPadding: 10,
    renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
    items: [{
    id: 't1', //mod
    value: '14:41', //mod
  12. There is no store or model involved and this is a TIME field.
    The field is created as per my original code with a format and a value.
    This form is injected with values via ajax.
    field.value is...
  13. yes, the display is fine but what is being passed to the form data on submit is in am/pm format and this has changed between 4.0 and 4.1.

    Ext-all-debug has build date = 2012-04-20 14:10

    It is...
  14. That is what I am using ????
  15. Version 4.1



  16. Here are two screen shots showing the combo in edit and in readonly.
    I can remove the odd alignment by removing the height:100.
    My main problem is how to make the box grow in the readonly mode to...
  17. Using 4.1 setReadOnly(true) on a slider field has no effect
  18. Moving from 4.0x to 4.1 my combobox value and dropdown has suddenly aligned central to the height allowed thereby losing half of its space whereas previously it was aligned with the label as...
  19. Replies
    Has anyone managed to use the linkedin API from within sencha touch?
    The linkedin API methods do not seem dorectly compatible as they expect to generate stuff into the body.
    Can't seem to get...
  20. That is a very accurate answer but unfortunately does not help my problem or address the main question which was 'Is there any other way to do this?'
  21. Because it is an external server I think that the only option I have is to use Ext.util.JSONP.request but the site that I am using doesn't seem to support a callback mechanism and just returns a pure...
  22. Because the maximum value is a meaningful figure that is different on every instance
  23. Oh sugar, forget it. Spent hours trying to find out why and spotted it 2 minutes after posting.
    hidden=True is wrong and seems to do weird things, hidden=true solves the problem.
  24. Sorry guys not sure why code window so small. Wasn't like that on preview.
  25. My grid was all working fine until I had to group it by two fields.I did as suggested and created a new hidden field containing the data from both and grouped on that and all looks fine however the...
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