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  1. Hi all,

    I tried to implement a grid panel using data from a JSON file which is located on the same domain as the Javascript file containing the ExtJs code.

    The grid shows up but without any...
  2. I solved the problem!
  3. Hi scarsick,

    the rows that i want to leave on the same position are representing summary rows in the GridPanel.
    After examing the source code I was able to solve the problem.


  4. Hi all.

    I have implemented a Web - Application which features a GridPanel which can be grouped or ungrouped and where the rows should be sorted alphanumerically (like the standard grid sorting...
  5. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    thanks for your reply.

    I dont't want to prevent sorting on a column. I want to exclude certain rows from sorting.
    I tried to remove the rows when the sortchange event is...
  6. Hi all.

    I am new to ExtJS and i have written an web-application which features a GridPanel (grouped and ungrouped) and I want to prevent sorting certain rows (which represent summary rows).

  7. Replies

    I'm quite new to Extjs.

    I followed your instructions but in my case it still doesn't work.

    Here's my code:
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