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    FT, problem resolved!
    but i donnt know why
    at the beginning i used ext-base-debug.js
    now i change to ext-base.js
    so it run well

    what difference with these two file?
    i thought -debug can...
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    when use router i implement a class extend DirectHandler like

    public class GridHandler : DirectHandler

    and follow two method:

    public override string ProviderName
  3. i got it
    use Ext.Ajax.request replace JSONP to implement
    js code
    Ext.ux.ComboExample = {
    init: function() {
    this.photoTemplate = new Ext.Template([
  4. sorry everyone
    class jsonp aim to load remote domain Script and get data back
    i just find the data that return
    code before is wrong
  5. still question with code like this:
    Ext.ux.JSONP.request('../webcontrols/tree/ProRecGet.ashx', {
    //callbackKey: 'jsoncallback',
    params: {
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    it's so wonderful work
    thanks evan
  7. yes thanks
    i got it

    but i dont want insert comment in my aspx page
    'cause i think this will make aspx page load slow? is that true?
    i want an ajax method to load data,when loaded then add...
  8. code as follow fetch comment from with jsonp
    Ext.ux.JSONP.request('', {
    callbackKey: 'jsoncallback',
    params: {
    format: 'json',...
  9. thanks for help
    i have less exprience of javascript and should learn more
  10. i like this example
    but i donnt want a menu to control photo data load
    as a carousel of a main page it should load data auto
    so i modified the html example sicript code as follow:
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    How to implement this?
    i set up a carousel and a jsonstore to get things like{url:"",title:""},and i init a template
    but it doesn't work
    i'm newbie, and just can use these items seperetely
    can i...
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