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  1. I'm a confessed newbie, but I, too, have spent hours looking through the forums and am stumped on what I think is the key issue in this thread:

    If I build a basic html table and let it be,...
  2. Yes, I tried some different search terms and found this solution (which works in ext-2.0).

    Tip for newbies (like me): build an html using included...
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    I also tried some different search terms and found this:
  4. Thank you for the quick response!

    Ah, resizing some of the columns extra wide did the trick. THANKS AGAIN!

    Yes, I did lock columns (in various combinations). I even got the cool...
  5. Forgive the newbie question, but I downloaded the zip and found no html sample. I copied the sample html above, carefully updated the script/link hrefs to my ext-2.0-rc1 download (and verified the...
  6. The ability to fix the leading "key" or identifying columns in tables is a critical condition of horizontal scrolling for the plurality of wide data tables.

    In those rare conditions when...
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