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  1. I was having the same problem and this solution worked for me.

    Thank you!
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    The way that I solved this problem was:

    1) For each calculated column (calcField1, calcField2, calcField3, for example) create and associate a corresponding field in the underlying model, with its...
  3. How do you call a working version of Ext.log() in an Architect-developed web app?

    Under Resources > Library there is a Debug check box. Ext.log() doesn't work in either case. I understand we need...
  4. @BostonMerlin: Thank you for the reply. What you describe sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, but I don't see it. I am using the most recent version of Architect: Version 2.2.0 Build 908. I...
  5. How do you configure the default MyApp.view.Viewport that is referenced by the autoCreateViewport option?

    Specifically I need it to have the configuration:

    layout: {
  6. I'm using Architect 2.1.0 build 678 which still has this bug. What does:

    According to our records the fix was applied for DSGNR-2658 in Sprint 34.

    translate to as far as when this will...
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