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  1. Workaround:

    The updateMenuState that create the nullpointer on After/Before checkMenuItem, because of the DateFilter native implementation, we cannot access the different menu objects, so we need...
  2. updateMenuState is called when onCheckChange is threshold


    beforeItem.setChecked(beforeMenu.getDate() != null && beforeMenu.getDate().after(afterMenu.getDate()), true);

    if you never...
  3. Hi Sven,

    Does GXT 2.2.5 include those fix you are talking about?

    I think I found a bug on the use of Filter, unless I m missing something.

    If you add a DateFilter, then selecting a date for...
  4. For lines between rows, you should do it using CSS
    For lines between cols, default behaviour is not showing any lines,
    unless you did grid.setColumnLines(true) (but default is false)

  5. Well,

    You can also use an RpcProxy<List<BeanModel>> to create your columns:
    Here my definition with Column, being a POJO with a Marked BeanModel interface on side.

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    I forgot to tell:

    private int maxLength;
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    You can't, HtmlEditor extends Field, But MaxLength is only starting with TextField

    So, you must write your own, and do like TextField, overriding the validateValue

    new HtmlEditor(){
  8. First of all, it is possible.

    You can reconfigure a grid component.
    Therefore, you must init your grid, keeping all needed objects init by the create calls, and re-use them to reconfigure your...
  9. Hi Sven,

    Do you think ithis is why the text from the input field cannot be selected using mouse pointer?

    Without overriding Window, with my method, I can gain focus on the text field, but I...
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    FieldSet must be setup with a FormLayout if you want Label to be rendered
  11. The issue is coming from the Window component, it is stealing the focus from your field, because the field is into a Cell, and the SelectionModel for the grid or even for the roweditor, do not comply...
  12. I meant:
  13. You should try get the store reference everytime you need it. May be one update/load has changed it. Therefore your reference does not reflect what is actually in it.

    tree.getStore() instead of...
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    You should try to remove the line:

    TestAsync test = (TestAsync)GWT.create(Test.class);

    outside of your anonymous implementation, let say as a class variable and directly call it.
  15. Hi,

    I would like to act on the column header double click event on a grid, to make an "onDblClickExpandColumnWidth" function.

    The only solution I found, is adding to the grid a listener on the...
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