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    Sorry for kicking this thread, but I thought it could be useful.

    I use this override for a settings page, the field labels are a short description of what the setting is about, but that's not...
  2. I really hope that makes it to the next release, because it works like a charm :)

    Thanks Condor!
  3. Yes, there is definitely need for another property: required.

    I have a form where we can add new customers, it's a retail store so an e-mail address isn't required... Now in 3.0, I cannot tab...
  4. Thanks Condor! *gives infinite kudo's*

    Never thought it would be CSS, sorry!
  5. No one has seen this problem before? I couldn't find anything about this in the forums so please bear with me. Thanks.
  6. Hello,

    I have a problem with the position of the bbar I added to a panel (layout: 'card'). The problem only occurs in IE... Firefox works like a charm.

    The problem gets corrected only when I...
  7. Thank you guys so much... I totally overlooked that config option.
  8. Hello Ext community,

    I'm fairly new to Ext and JS, but I have a problem with a Window... What I want is a Window with the usual buttons and a checkbox saying 'Do not display this window again'....
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