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  1. Just ran into this on ST 2.2 --> build production.
  2. Long time... but now I am back :-)

    I have a customer that wants to port this existing ST app to WP8.

  3. Just came across this issue too. localStorage.clear() allowed it to start again and now I cant reproduce.

    The error was reported as a missing "}" in line 60 of index.html. In web inspector the...
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    We are now at RC1 and we are aiming to be on AppStore around 20.09.2012... Stay tuned.

  5. "The interesting thing is if I inspect the DOM it is there, but hidden."

    Hmm.. I had heaps of troubles with this when making my code too. Heights set to 0px.

    Have you checked your layout...
  6. If you are using a tabpanel try Mitch's plugin.
  7. Looks like pretty much the same idea. Just work on different events.
  8. I compiled xcode project and tested on my iPhone 4 this morning. It does seem to run faster.

    App seems to be running correctly also.

    But I will need to do more testing to be 100% certain.
  9. Hey Guys

    Its late (02:15) here and I am playing around with a big Sencha Touch 2 app (Huge DOM) and I have come up with a concept that greatly reduced the size of my DOM.

    The contents of my...
  10. Yeah. I tried that.

    The 320x480 iphone setting did not work for me. Resulting width was 400px (standard minimum on mac)

    Maybe its mac issue.
  11. Hey guys.

    I have been doing a bit of mobile work lately and came across a little trick that has really made my life a lot easier.

    I am using Safari now (This did not work in chrome)...
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    Hey Guys

    We are currently working on an app using Sencha Touch 2, Cordova/PhoneGap and OpenLayers.

    There is still around 4 weeks development time to go but I have attached a video link and some...
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    We should be ready within a month or so. Fingers crossed.
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    I have already ;-) Been working on a big ST2 project for the past 3 months now. ST2 is awsome!

    We are building a hiking and tracking app for the Norwegain Forestry using ST2, Cordova/PhoneGap and...
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    This is our latest Sencha Touch 1 app.

  16. Same problems here. Had to write my own back() function based on Steffens and handle empty actions array (I.e when navigating back to home view)

    back: function() {
    var app =...
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    Sorry Guys. I am just so busy with work at the moment. If nobody beats me too it I will try to get around to this asap.
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    Hey Guys

    Sorry this is taking so long. I just have not had time to do this kind of stuff since I started Whitefox last year.

    Hopefully I get around to it soon. Maybe somebody will beat me to...
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    I will look into this and get back to you. I am also about to make a version for 2.0 now that it is soon ready for release.
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    Yeah. You have to list every file.
  21. There is a thread on PhoneGaps support forum about opening links in phone gap. Basically you will have to add some code to force the webview to open a new safari browser instead of opening within...
  22. You dont have some other element masking the button like a "div" tag with width set to 100% or an image with transparency etc. Try setting the z-index (to a large number) of the button to bring it to...
  23. Here is the version I have been using in my apps.

    /*Copyright (C) 2011 by WhiteFox AS

    Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
    of this software and...
  24. We used PhoneGap Build service while it was in Beta.

    dockedItems: [{ xtype: 'toolbar',
    cls: 'parkentoolbar',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'button',
  25. Can you test this app..

    Last tab "Whitefox" --> Telephone button

    Does that work or are you having the same problems?

    Where is the button in the UI. On a...
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