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  1. The issue here is that we need to know the "toolkit" (classic or modern). I haven't looked into how to get that information into the compiler for direct use like this but I will ask about it.
  2. You are correct that the non-JS/CSS assets need to be listed in the app cache and hence shared for all build profiles (such is app cache). The JS/CSS assets, however, can be managed by the...
  3. Sounds like we are not detecting Linux 32 or 64 properly. What bit-ness is your Linux distro? Sounds like you installed the 64-bit Cmd build... does that match your distro?
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    My guess is the Ext.beforeLoad method generated in index.html. That method is actually an application method provided to the framework (well, the Microloader really) to tell it which build profile...
  5. Thanks! Yes - I can reproduce that. Opening a ticket...
  6. Fashion does not currently support this usage. What is in the file that make you want it to be a partial?
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    The first hint of trouble in the build is this:

    [INF] -refresh-app-manifest:
    [DBG] loading cache filters
    [DBG] filtering source files for scope...
  8. As a work around, try removing theme from the top-level of app.json. It should not be there for a Universal App... It shouldn't cause this problem, however, so really two bugs. :p
  9. Err... I mean, creating a ticket...
  10. Thanks - found it. Moving to Bugs....
  11. We definitely merge fixes up from 5.1.1 to 6.0 as we go.
  12. That package should work. I will see if we can look into it. Moving this to the bugs forum.
  13. The build profile selection is handled by the Ext.beforeLoad method implemented in the application. In my example app, I commented this out since it was a classic-only app. The method looks like...
  14. The app cache only applies to the html file. The local storage cache feature of the Microloader picks up from there and update individual assets based on the app.json assets (js and css). This means...
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    I wish I could give a date, but it has not been decided. The version we showed at Sencha Con had only the most minimal integration with Fashion and we have a good deal of work to do there before it...
  16. I think there may have a bug with the handling of the appFolder config in a universal app. We are looking into that presently. I am going to move this to the Bugs forum and link it to the bug tracker.
  17. If you don't want a universal app (just a modern toolkit app), you can generate that like so:

    sencha --beta generate app --ext --modern MyApp path/to/app

    What you are describing doesn't...
  18. XML Schema is definitely one benefit - we'll have to see how all that works out in the world of web components (certainly it will be one of the benefits). If you heard about the IDE plugins we are...
  19. Looks like you have the right version of Cmd ( odd. Can you post the full log from sencha app refresh?
  20. What version of Sencha Cmd do you have? You'll need
  21. Moved this post from
  22. What @suzuki1100nz and @Gary said :) We are and will continue to be hard at work to bring feature parity to the modern toolkit in this and subsequent releases of Ext JS 6.
  23. Thanks for the kind words.

    I should probably clarify since you mentioned JSON5. A view in Ext JS 5 is declarative like this one:
  24. Normally nightly builds start after GA, though we might look at starting it prior to GA. I will take that topic up internally and see about turning that on earlier.
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    Correct - we will post bits to the CDN for GA release. Including GPL. :)
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