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    ty! Works like a charm

    ty! Works like a charm
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    ExtJS Image preview before upload

    Hi, Mitchell.

    I need some help to finish a simple image preview with ExtJs 6.6 Classic

    I found a solution for JQuery and tried to apply the same logic with Ext, and finished with this:

  3. [OPEN] is there a workaround? This is still happening on...

    is there a workaround? This is still happening on 6.6 :(
  4. itemselector + ArrayStore. Set data dynamycally

    I found an old post on Sencha forum, mentioning store.loadData as the way to set new info into an array store.
    This seems to work for a combobox but not for an itemselector as you can see in this...
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    Got an answer in Stack...

    Got an answer in Stack. You just need to "rebind" the filters for each column like this:

    var grid = this.up('grid');

    //Clear the current filters before changing...
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    ExJs remote (list) filter reset

    I have an issue with Extjs remote filter that I excpect you could help to clarify.
    I've created a grid with a remote filter that works great, but if I update the grid info, the filter keeps the...
  7. Solved. I changed the above to this: ...

    Solved. I changed the above to this:

    filter: {
    type: 'list',
    //store: Ext.create(''),
    idField: 'value',
    labelField: 'name'
  8. Remote filter list values reaload/renew object

    Hi All.

    I created a filter column that get it's values from a remote store and it works fine, but when the grid's store is reloaded, the filter keeps it's old values (if it was previously loaded)....
  9. [SOLVED]

    Works like a charm. ty =D>
  10. Grid selmodel renderer not working since 6.0.2 (current is 6.5)


    I found an old fiddle mentioning an issue about the selmodel renderer not running, but I can't find if he/she got an answser (I even found one of 4.2.1 with the same issue).

    I created a 6.5...
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