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  1. I have worked around this problem by using the...

    I have worked around this problem by using the "destroy()" mehtod of the form and then add the same form in the window.
  2. How to remove and readd a FormPanel into a Window

    I'm having a problem where I would like to remove a FormPanel from a Window.

    Here is my Form which is being loaded in a Window:

    myForm = new Ext.FormPanel({
    frame: true,
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    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token

    i would like to add my experience here for the problem when you are getting the error

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <

    I was having the same error while submitting a simple form...
  4. fetching translation words via Ext.Ajax.request in Extjs in real time

    In my Extjs application, I need to fetch an array of translated words which I'm doing with the help of AJAX request, since AJAX runs in the background that's why it does not populate the text as the...
  5. How to include field values in the vtypes message text for vtype validation in forms


    I'm working on form validation and I have used Vtypes to check number ranges.

    It's all working fine, except I need to include my own allowed values ( field.minValField and ...
  6. Ext.form.ComboBox removes all the values automatically when selected any item


    I've made a combo box and its working fine except when I select one of the items in the combobox, it removes all other values in it. here is a peace of code:

    var comboitemarray = new...
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    ok i got it

    ok sorry to disturb ...
    i forgot to add the line


    thanks ..
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    adding panel in to a container

    i have the same problem, i need to add a panel into a container once the form result return me success

    im trying to do something on this line:


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    ./sencha: 3: jsdb: not found

    im having the same problem, would you please let me know how did u tackle this problem ?
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