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  1. Would something like this do the trick?

  2. I've found that after modifying the fields of a given model it is necessary to reload the store. My process would go as follows:

    1. Store is loaded
    2a. Check for new properties on retrieved data...
  3. You could set the columns value to 1, so you would only have a single column. You could also increase the width of the panel which contains your checkbox group. The goal of both changes is to give...
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    Would something like this work?blc
  5. I've updated the fiddle to show that it's possible to render the charts into panels inside an accordion layout.
  6. No worries. Perhaps a forum moderator can correct the selection of the best answer.
  7. I've updated the fiddle to move the handling of the actions inside a controller, along with adding a refresh button to the grid so you can reload the store. Does this help?
  8. Thanks for pointing that out. I was initially trying to apply the updated sortAscText and sortDescText against a single column's config, but wasn't having any luck. That's when I proposed the...
  9. How about this? You'll have to be careful for sure, but it's an option.

  10. How about this?

  11. See if this gets you going in the right direction

  12. Does the example provide enough guidance to answer your question?
  13. Is your store automatically loaded? What does the data loaded into the store look like?
  14. What browser are you using? The fiddle is working fine for me on the latest Chrome stable release.
  15. I've updated the fiddle. Take a look.
  16. What about using the following sequence to perform the update:

    Suspend events on the store
    Update the records
    Resume events on the store
    Refresh the grid's view manually
    Here's an...
  17. Do you mean you'd like to expand the first node below the root?

  18. Thanks for your contribution. Here's a fiddle demoing your component.bi2
  19. How about this?

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    Aside from cloning the store, I'm not sure that there's an easy way to create a read-only "view" of the store that doesn't update when store records are updated. If I come across a solution I will...
  21. I've updated the fiddle. You need to add a cls property to your checkboxgroup configuration and then set up the style for the class.

    .checkboxgroup-border .x-form-checkboxgroup-body {
  22. I think if you just specify the anchor property in your config for the checkboxgroup you should be fine. I've moved the assignment of the anchor value into the defaults property, as I want all fields...
  23. This looks very similar to the following:
  24. This seems to work in IE with no errors thrown for me.

  25. Here's a fiddle reproducing the issue.

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